Saturday, December 31

Indian Ocean Band Spotted : Bhopal International Airport

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On my return journey from Bhopal to Chennai, i came across Indian Ocean Band at Bhopal Airport waiting for their flight in the lounge. They were on their way to Hyderabad after last night's concert they did in Bhopal. Because of the rush hour, i just squeezed in to grab few photographs with the band members and also managed to get their autographs. To name the few, i met R Ram, Sushmit Sen, Luheen, Nikhil and other members from the Band. Here are the pics: 


  1. WOW...Cool...:) Wish you a happy new year Rahul!

  2. @ Bikram,


    @ Saru,

    thank you and wish you the same!!!

  3. I dont even know them:)

    Wishing you a very happy and fulfilling new year!!!

  4. @ renu,

    lol .. no offense ..

    i realized this in airport itself as i was the only 1 going crazy about the band and rest all passengers were imagining why is this creature going crazy about these guys .. and why is he taking snaps with them ??? :P:P:P


  5. Hi Rahul,

    Just came across ur blog while searching net about next indian ocean are an amazing writer indeed...keep up the gud work...there are many ppl who dnt knw abt "Indian Ocean" I was also one of them until this year Jan when I saw their amazing performance...Now I am going to be there fan till my last breathe...

    All the best...

  6. Hi Neha,

    thanks for visiting my blog. thanks for the comment as well :-)

    i agree many people doesn't now about the band. the band went on to become an ultimate success soon after the grand success of the song Bandeh from the movie BLACK FRIDAY. they scored the music of this movie.

    then they also scored the music for Peepli Live. Hardly people know that .

    you saw their performance means you went to the concert held recently in Pune .. right?

    good you've become a fan of the band, better late than never !

    i've been listening to their songs now from more than 6 years.

    hey if you get a chance listen to their song Maa Reva from their first debut album. its an old number.

    keep visiting Neha and have a great week ahead !



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