Friday, December 30

2011 In A Glance

It’s a review of my experiences, lessons learnt, hits & misses I had this year in 2011.

It’s more of self-motivational way to judge myself or one may call it self-criticism in knowing how I did in 365 days of 2011.

These are my 12 experiences I had in last 12 months of 2011:

      January: New Year Resolution to Reduce Drinking: I almost gave up drinking Alcohol. I won’t say I completely stopped it but the frequency is almost reduced to quarterly once (Ooops, this quarter is ending tomorrow on 31st  ... time to drink :P). Read more HERE.

      February: Marriage Bells: Got married this year in Feb to love of my life i met online. Read more about my strange love Story HERE.

      March: Buying a Flat: Bought a new flat in Pune this March and have plans to move there in coming year. Bought my first bike this year March and have plans to sell it soon :P

      April: Work-out time: I started to work-out. I did not join any health, exercise or gym club. In fact I started to pump iron into me right at home.

      May: Follow the Bear: I gave up eating Meat. I prefer to consume proteins from vegetables than from dead meat (animals). After all, bear is strong and vegetarian!!! Read HERE.

      June: Follow your Passion: I found my interest, my passion. Although it took me a while to find one but I can say now, “finally I have one!!!” and I hope to pursue it as my career option (I already attracted lot of criticism at work, but now there’s no looking back for me). I thank my wife for helping me in this.

      July: Keep Walking: I also started jogging / walking more regularly. Read about this HERE.

      August: My 2nd Interest: I got back to Blogging. I read newer posts and write more on my personal page periodically.

      September: Blogging Friends: I made more friends by blogging than by facebook and best part is I personally never knew my facebook friends either. But it’s better to have it via blog than by fb at least I can chat through comments and discuss ideas with them. Thanks Indiblogger.

      October: Being Joey Tribbiani: I became more conscious about my diet. Read many self help books and online references for a healthy diet system. Reduced processed sugar intake and replaced it with natural sugar (jaggery).

      November: Books Best Friends: I recuperated my passion for reading books. Although I was reading books throughout the year but I became more serious this November. Will shortly list down the books, novels I read in 2011 with a short review about each of them in my upcoming blogs.

      December: Bye Bye Facebook, Orkut: Gave up Facebook / Orkut completely. Although I do have an account on Facebook but I rarely use it now. I have deleted my Orkut account (R.I.P). Read HERE.
Oh, did i just say December. Since we both are here while reading this, i wish you and your family a very Happy New Year and all the prosperity in coming years. Happy 2012. Be good to all and enjoy life!!!

Rahul Aggarwal


  1. I made more friends by blogging than by facebook

    that is the same with me rahul.

  2. yeah true blogging has made me more friends then the social networks and that strange you met someone on net and got married Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    sadly mine did not work that way

    happy new year to you and everyone around you ..


  3. @ readitt,

    ya and you won't believe this makes me more so against social n/w sites .. i like chatting more here on blog than on fb or anywhere else...


  4. @ Bikram,

    thank you and wish you too a very happy and prosperous new year ..


  5. you had quite a lot of milestones in 2011..may you keep it up and more in 2012 !..wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year!

  6. @ renu,

    thank you and wish you and all at home a very happy new year!

  7. Hey...

    You had amazing 2011 year...wish you good luck for coming all years :-)

    Happy New Year..

  8. wow
    even i gave up drinking, its been sometime now
    no non-veg - yup
    bye bye facebook and orkut - yup. do have a facebook page though :D
    blogging friends are better than facebook friends :D
    wish u a fabulous new yr

  9. @ Savi,

    thanks .. wish you the same!!!


  10. @ factsandnonsense,

    good to know about you as well ..

    do good be good .. have a rocking year ahead !

  11. that was a very interesting to read snapshot of an entire year


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