Monday, November 21

Reasons why you must not stop running/jogging/walking

Cheapest way to stay healthy:

No need for club membership to run on a treadmill for hours and that too in a closed environment. Infuse early morning’s fresh air running on tracks than artificial air in gym.

Shower yourself to the morning sun light. It has its own advantages.

Increases your Endurance:
Do not sprint if you are a starter. Prefer jogging or brisk walking and set a target for yourself.

Review your target daily. Do not have limitations.

I started with 5 rounds jogging and now more than a month, I’ve increased my count to 6. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

And do not strain yourself. Rome was not built in a day. So endurance will increase only after a period of dedicated hard work.

Reduces Weight:

Running is the best medium to keep yourself in shape and reduces the extra flab on you.

Run to improve your cardio vascular system. Regular jogging acts as a slow poison in eradicating unnecessary fat in your body. But you need to be careful with your diet as well to feel the difference.

Creates Balance in your sugar intake:

Run to stay fit.

Run hard and hydrate enough to break down all the sugar in your body.

Have a balanced life.

Keeps you active:

Imagine 2 scenarios: Wake up at 8 in morning and feel lethargic whole day or wake up at 5 and feel energetic after jogging. Feel the difference.

I got rid of laziness. Say “Thank You” to your cozy bed for the last night’s sleep.

Run as much you can and feel the difference.

Time yourself. It feels good:

I started with 15 minutes each, jog and walk.

I've improved myself with extra 5 minutes now. Time yourself to observe the exponential curve touching the sky.


Do not worry about few hiccups if you miss jogging a day or two. Keep motivating yourself to come back on the tracks next day.

Speak to a friend or someone in your family who can accompany you for jogging if you cannot do it alone.

Keep yourself hydrated.

Reduce processed sugar intake, replace it with jaggery. Avoid artificial sugar.

Do not skip meals.

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  1. good inspiration..but I didnt understand what did you mean to say by....Regular jogging acts as a slow poison

  2. hii Renu,

    sorry my bad .. i meant regularly jogging will help in eradicating the fats in your body....a poison for the unsaturated/saturated fats resident in the body not a poison for humans :-)


  3. Good way to motivate, I wrote something like that when I started blogging.

    Great post!

  4. m impressed by the way of your writing dude !
    keep it up you surely gonna be on the top list of bloggers one day !

  5. @ Saru,

    thankyou so very much for dropping by...

    hey no no this isn't self motivation...this is to motivate others :-)

    @ Ajay ..

    that was so nice of you to say blushing...

    thanks for your visit guys!!!


  6. Hey
    Very true.. i agree that one should keep exercising...eating healthy food :-)

    Looking forward for your daily progress report ;-)


  7. thank you Savi .. for the nice words :P


  8. im glad atleast some of my fellow bloggers are a little health concious, because sitting too much on the computer blogging can get you lazy and out of a super heath freak myself too rahul :) good psot m8

  9. hey Joel..

    great to have you here on my blog...

    thanks for dropping by...

    yeah i agree, comfort is important but not at the price of degrading your health system.

    its sometimes good to be fit and healthy.




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