Saturday, November 12

A Bug In My Gmail Account

Yes i have a bug in my Gmail account and that's bugging me out.

I took the screenshot as soon as I knew I had the fish on my hook.

I sent the image with bug details to Google and still hoping against the hope, that, one fine day, Google will revert back to my query with an adequate feedback.

Or, May be, Google must have given it a pass (considering the severity or the impact on end user to be minimal – just an assumption) to such a tiny-winy bug from one of their application user.

No regrets.

Without adding much curiosity, let me share with you the bug I found couple of days back in my Gmail account.

PS: I am not very sure whether it’s a bug or what but when I try regenerating the error, it did appear couple of times before I signed out from my account.

Objective: Exploring Gmail web application

Date: 21 Oct 2011

Time: 11:01 hours IST

Theme Used: Minimalist


The BACK button happened to lose its “black colored back arrow” visibility every time I opened a mail.

Although the BACK button was visible but the black arrow inside it was missing.

This happened not once, twice but couple of time before I signed out and signed in later to get the right BACK BUTTON with correct black-color-back-arrow visible while opening any mail in my inbox.


It can be an issue with web server connectivity or some graphical misalignment but who knows!!!


Well, a bug is a bug, no matter how big or small it is.

It may/may not be significant for Google and they might ignore my testimony but I do believe this bug have tendency to impact end user keeping in view the naivety of a newbie Gmail user.

This bug thus holds a good deal of importance to me!!!


No intentions to ridicule/tarnish the image of Google mail application or of Google directly or indirectly as I am a big admirer of Google and their products and using Gmail now for more than 5 years.


Mistakes can happen and bugs can appear anytime at any place.

After all, a bug is a bug...!

Till then,

Happy Reading!!!


  1. There are a lot of bugs. You need to use microsoft to see how many they have its surpriseinghow such big software houses havethem.
    A good find.

  2. hii Bikram,

    Oh that was surprising to know that a giant like google does have errors in their applications as well...

    seems nobody's perfect in real world!!!


  3. Someone said that every piece of software ever made has bugs! One can reduce them but they may not be able to eliminate them altogether!

    The particular problem you are facing could have been temporary as well. Just check after sometime.

    Destination Infinity

  4. Bugs are really irritating to say the least, specially when we dont know the solution to correct them...Nice share..

    PS: As regards your query on my blog, For watermarking images, I use Faststone Image Viewer. Do check this link for the tutorial -

  5. @ DI

    yeah this problem was temporary but i was more happy to find and mention about it as it was related to G ...

    @ Arti

    thanks for dropping by

    and thanks for sharing that link .. i belive it definitely gonna make my life simpler now .. its time to do away with all the paint brush windows apps now .. :P

  6. This is awful and so irritating. I recently had to change my facebook password because some one hacked into it. Thank you for coming by, have a nice week.

  7. yeah i know ..

    bugs are irritating and its more frustrating when you know its in your web account!!!

    thanks Ma'm for dropping by...



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