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5 Must Have Activities In Your Daily Schedule!!!

Disclaimer: Views expressed here are all personal and should not offend or influence readers’ rational thinking.

P.S : publish No HIRO NAKAMURA (HEROES) acts to save humans :-)

Anything and everything expressed here can have positive consequences in your daily life.

I soon realized the importance of few activities in my daily life.I started with 1 and ended up having 5.

I will share what keeps me moving and ticking in today's fast life.

1. I walk / jog

There's no age to walk or to run. Realize this!!!

Run/Jog as much you can else Walk.

There's no defined time to walk or to run. You don't need to take out time or think what time of the day is ideal for you to walk. If you are completely idle for 15 minutes and have nothing to do, start walking!!!

Also, try morning walk. I wake up every day at 5 and jog for an hour. Sometimes I go for work in morning but I make sure I walk at least for an hour in evening.

Q. how do I manage to wake up so early?

A. Well, if you can't, do not force yourself. I did because I was surprised the way my entire day passed after my morning jog in comparison to the days when I slogged. I am more contended, happier and energetic today than what i was when i used to wake up after the sunrise.

Here's someone inspiring you to walk : Read about Aimee Mullins. If she can do it with artificial legs, consider yourself blessed.

Still if you find it difficult to wake up when the whole world is sleeping, make sure you brisk walk or just walk  for half an hour every evening. Move your hands while you walk.


2. Follow your passion

Most Important!!!

Imagine your day of 22 hours instead of 24. Finish all the other stuff in 22 hours and give 2 hours to your passion.

Imagine yourself 25 years ahead, you realize and regret the decisions you made in giving up things you always wanted to do, instead, you gave up everything for someone else and that someone does not exists even today!!! Won't you feel like playing a rewind button to start all over again.

If today you are not what you wanted to be, tear off this mask and start dreaming now.

3. Eat nutritious food

Eat nutritious, healthy food. Do not abstain yourself from rich healthy diet.

Avoid stuff like:
• tea (alternative : green tea)
• bread (alternative : eat brown/wheat/whole grain bread)
• bakery stuff
• junk food
• cakes, pastries, chocolates

Must have:
• milk
• yogurt
• muesli/ corn flakes/ oat meals
• have walnut once in a while but not daily (good for liver as it contains omega 3)
• honey

4. Say No to alcohol/smoke

Once when I was in Johannesburg, a South African friend of mine asked on seeing my drinking habits, "Dude, when you gonna stop?"

My answer was, "Only when I die!!!"

Not anymore, I stopped it long back but it does not mean that I must start preaching about it. This should come from within.

Dudes & duddettes drinking, do know about the ill effects of excessive drinking but one shall only stop when they realize the importance of life without it.

Sooner the better!!!

I never smoked and have no plans to start in future as well.

I cannot stand the smell of smoke and do not like to actively participate in PASSIVE SMOKING as well but for all those smoking chimneys out there, avoid it wherever possible, burn your lungs walking not smoking!!!

At least i know somebody who can make you quit smoking and guess who?

It's CANCER!!!

5. Yoga

I am no expert in yoga. I started it thanks to my wife whose been teaching yoga now for several months.

If terms like “focus, meditation, balance between mind and soul, internal peace” etc makes sense to you while practicing yoga, bingo, good going buddy!!!.

If it doesn't add any zing in your life, I would still suggest, try it under instructor's guidance else read and understand this line: "STATUTORY WARNING: Do Not try at home!!!"

Q. Where do I find a mentor?

A. There are many institutes and health (yoga) centers opening up now and then, consult them, follow their one month course and see if you develop interest in it.

Else, either marry a yoga trainer like i did or get unlucky!!!

My inspiration for writing this blog today :-> Leo Babauta

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