Saturday, September 3

Chapter 2 : The Door Opens!!!

Chapter 1 : The Closed Door Continues...

With no water or food, I was boxed in a non window room with zero network connectivity and to fear the worst, I was locked, enough to send chill down my spine. It was quite a horrifying experience and now I knew I’ve welcomed the mother of all fear and panic within myself.

The more I screamed, the more I could hear myself crying.

The drums in my head now played more nastily then ever letting the first drop of blood-filled-water drip off my eyes!!!

I hibernated to an indefinite sleep after hours of weeping, as if somebody pressed the "switch off" button and knocked me out completely.

Sometime later, when I woke up, salted eye drops in my mouth gave away the thirst within me.

I kept lying on the floor thinking about her.

Why would she leave me and where will she go, leaving me like this, trapped for hours in a closed room? I kept asking myself.

I look at myself. The clothes on me weren’t mine. I never ever happen to wear white round neck t-shirt with white khakis.

What was happening was very difficult for me to figure out.

I tried not to choke myself to death soliciting all such questions and focused more on the times we spent in each else’s arms, all curled up during those cold winter nights.

I remembered the times she would sit by me and will never think of leaving me especially when I wanted her the most during my lows.

She was the only one who had answers to all my questions. With her, I never felt single handed. But today, the irony was, when I most needed her, she wasn’t there. In fact she’s the one who’ve put me in this situation and went away.

Was she bitching on me? The more I tried not to think bad about the situation or curse her, the more it kept coming back.

All such puzzles took permanent seat in my brain.

I knew, no matter what, she would never ditch me or leave me. But what made her leave today was the question that never left my mind.

I Wished I was a time traveler so that I could time travel and rectify things that must have went terribly wrong between us.

Hmmm…, I’d lost all hunger to eat or drink anything. I cornered myself and kept crying.
Sometime later, a strange pungent smell from the bottom of the door, filled the room and was heavy enough to doze me off to a dark sleep.

After few hours, I was not into myself, faintly I could see that the door was opened, there were 2 men holding me from the sides and took me out of the room. Their nose and mouth was covered with a plastic mask to prevent the gas from proliferating into their body.

Now I needed someone to answer all my queries.

I was taken out of the room. I could barely walk thanks to the heavy dose of gas perfumed in the room.

I could hear footsteps walking towards me and 2 people were talking to each other. One person was trying to explain Room 129’s case to his partner.

I overheard him saying, “The person in Room 129 suffers from STM (Short Term Memory) loss past 5 years and was found convict of murdering his own wife.”

Why was I listening to all this, where am I if not in my own house, what’s happening here, how do I fit in this situation, were the questions kept rising in my dizzy shaky mind.

I turned around to check my house just to find out the room I came out from was numbered 129 and the label above it read “MENTAL ASYLUM”

---- END OF CHAPTER 2 ----


  1. Deadly....
    loved it every bit!

    and ya, am about to fish in your archives to find the other fiction...

  2. thanks .. glad you liked it .. i hope you read Chapter 1 before reading this chapter :P



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