Thursday, July 14

Chapter 1 : The Closed DOOR!!!

I try, I fail, I try better, and I fail better

~ Anonymous

The mobile alarm buzzed off one more time today, as if, some fire broke loose and the f brigade was in a rush hour with its streaking red siren.

When I checked the time, it never felt like morning’s ten.

Seemed, I overslept.

As I woke up, she wasn’t beside me.

She wasn’t seen anywhere in the room. I could hear my forlorn breathe lose inside the four walls of the room.

There wasn’t any note or ‘post-it’ she left anywhere on the wall.

I looked at the mobile, if there were any miss calls or text she left while leaving. The screen was as blank as I was.

I was so very confused as to what must have gone wrong last night?

Did I do anything? Did we have a fight? But a fight can be no reason to leave the house.

Every question that pops up in my mind was in a race to overtake another. The headache, the frustration was steadily creeping within me.

I haven’t been drinking past few months but today it felt as if, I was over doped. The pain was excruciating.

I tried recalling, what time did we guys sleep last night and did anything happened out-of-place in last 12 hours and whether or not she was beside me when I hit the bed?

I knocked at the bathroom door, may be, I thought, she must have been in toilet for long. But the door moved with my hand’s weight and she wasn’t inside.

Her clothes were seen no where around.

I decided to search other rooms in the house but my room's door was clamped from outside. I tried hard to break through but all in vain.

“What’s going on? Have I become a prisoner in my own room?” I asked myself one more time, “isn’t it too perfect for her to leave me like this in jeopardy?”

I tried calling on her cell but there wasn’t any signal available. The piece of box was lying dead on bed for hours it seemed.

The time was running out and this “virtual trap” started to slither within my subconscious mind.

The more I unruffled myself, the more I disturbed my tranquility.

The water jug was empty and the thirst was craving. The only water available was one running from the tap in the toilet.

Phlegm in my throat had a very vicious taste. I myself smelled nothing less than the waste from the dump yard.

I banged at the room’s door as if someone might come listening to my groan and lock me out from here. But what was I thinking. It was only two of us who lived in this apartment.

I repented at the decision we made few years ago to have no window in our master bedroom when we started construction.

With no water or food, I was boxed in a non window room with zero network connectivity and to fear the worst, I was locked, enough to send chill down my spine. It was quite a horrifying experience and now I knew I’ve welcomed the mother of all fear and panic within myself.

The more I screamed, the more I could hear myself crying.

The drums in my head now played more nastily then ever letting the first drop of blood-filled-water drip off my eyes!!!

To Be Continued

P.S: This is my second attempt to fiction.

Oops!!! Do not ask me which the first one was as it’s already lost in archive pages somewhere in this blog.

If you happen to drop by this blog, I would appreciate if you drop a comment to either motivate me to go ahead in continuing this short fable or to stop right here.
Thanks for reading this not-so-disturbing-but-still-annoying-PS!!!

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  1. am impressed keep writing ......waiting for the next chapter

  2. thanks tannu...for the review...

    i knew u gonna enjoy this and will come bak with a comment...appreciate it!!!

    surely will publish the 2nd part of story soon...



  3. I think all of us need to have at least one hand drill in our bedrooms from now on... This story is scary, kuch hand drill ka advertisement nahin hai na? :)

    Destination Infinity

  4. hand

    nahi nahi...aisa kuch nahi hai...

    alreay in process to write the 2nd chapter...n plans to finish it up in 2nd part itself..

    thanks for passing by DI!!!



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