Friday, June 17

Sir Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar!!!

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."
- W. Shakespeare

17th day of June 2011, i and my roommates sitting round the table for lunch, watching LEGENGS OF CRICKET on tube, thought the day cannot be more peaceful with nice weather outside before a small question tossed by me, resulted in an argument, spectrum-med from a discussion to a heated confrontation.

The reason for me to mention about cricket was the question I raised was in direct connection to the game and as we all know when it comes to cricket, “fanaticism” is just a semi superlative term for Indians.

Without testing further patience of my readers, let me raise the same question which led my roommates abate them self from the delicious lunch today and led me to write this blog.

My question was: “Should SACIN TENDULKAR be facilitated with the title of SIR

Is winning the world cup not enough to judge the credibility of the master to give him the throne of KNIGHT?

Does 200 runs and plus 50 50s in ODI and test respectively, does not substantiate his role for the team? Are these just personal milestones and holds no significance for the team?

Taking the team to the final on different occasions and not performing in the finals is this the only criteria to judge the batsman’s failure rate?

Has Sachin still not surpassed what Don Bradman or Viv Rickards were to cricket?

Is T20 world cup win in absence of Sachin, justifies the mortal nature of his cricket?

Will he be remembered as “SIR SACHIN TENDULKAR” or just “SACHIN TENDULKAR” for his contribution to the game and to the country?

Is the GOD of Cricket will be written down in history as a god without Sir in his name? And is SIR the only NUMERO UNO benchmark title to facilitate the little master? Or has the master outshined this title?

There is no end to the questions i frame here as all directs to the same meaning. But not reaching to a common consensus made me rethink about the mixed feelings people have about Sachin Tendulkar’s contribution to the world of cricket.

P.S : You can also read about the LEGEND here : Sachin's 200

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