Saturday, June 18

Prabhjot Singh Rana

RA: Rahul Aggarwal

PSR: Prabhjot Singh Rana

“June 2007, IIT Madras, Chennai”

RA: Beere, what do you say, shall we do it?

PSR: Yes Beere, nothing to be scared of, nobody will come to know about it.

RA: let’s do it then Beere!!!

This dates back to 5 years from now. Prabhjot and I went to IIT madras to study in the library without a valid ID cards and we hoped to trespass all rules and regulations and we eventually succeeded in making to the study room.CATCH : None of us were students of IIT!!!

The theme of this blog today is not to make readers keep guessing how both of us achieved our long lost 12th standard dream of making it to the IIT (yeah yeah although illegally!!!) but to cherish 5 years of our friendship!!!

We everyday see blogs about personalities, 'hall of fames' and legends etc but we rarely come across something that is solely written for a friend.

Last I remember a person writing about their friends was on ORKUT’s testimonial page.

Many blogs you'll find on web about what friendship is all about or 10 things you must know while making new friends (enemies). But today, through this blog,i want to thanks/commemorate/bless a very special friend I made when I started my career and wish to continue and celebrate my friendship with him till eternity.

This blog is all about Prabhjot Singh Rana!!!

He is different. Very kind hearted, always loved by all, fun to be with and one who laughed and made fun all the time.

Okay, you may say what's the big deal then.

Well yeah, I know many people have these traits but he was the one you could always trust and count on. He’ll never disappoint you.

He had an easy going character and one who’ll always be there to help you no matter how deep shit you are in.

He’ll put himself first on the line before anything come across his friends. Ask him advice, it’ll be the most genuine suggestion one could ever receive from him.

He used to crack jokes, to make fun and tell PJs was his USP (no pun Praby ).

The calmness he showed in his character, his approach towards things and his friendly nature towards a stranger puts him way above the rest.

The charisma he carried in his nature, people very easily will fall for him and will throng to have an everlasting friendship with him.

I remember when we were in Chennai together for 4 years; people used to be speak the way he spoke and would pick up his one-liners. they just wanted to be like him. Everybody loved Prabhjot!!!

Trust me, if you are someone who can bore someone to tears, you'd had a hard time with Prabhjot around.

He was the favorite among girls, the blue turban SHAH RUKH KHAN!!!. people would envy him for that. Sehgal, Sanket and myself, we were victims of the public assault he rendered when girls sorrounded him.

1 line in punjabi that defined prabhjot is "Yaaran da Yaar!!!"

Although i can write pages about him but before i put my pen aside, i would like to say:

it doesn't matter how i expresss the importance he holds in my life through this blog, the only thing that matter most is, i thank god for giving such a wonderful friend and for making my life a little better by putting the "making friendship with prabhjot" chapter in my 'book of life'.

Prabhjot, you'll always be very special to me. thanks for everything!!!

Love you Beere. God bless you and on this day I wish you a very happy and fun filled birthday.

God bless you Beere and Have fun!!!

P.S: please do not consider this blog as a testimony for PSR. This is just a special way I chose to gift Prabhjot on his birthday today.

You can read about IIT Chennai here


  1. Cool..ya, I met him on your marriage and he's likable....

  2. Punjabiyaan di shaan wakhri :)

    good to meet your friend prabhjot , do say hello to him from my side ..

    Friedship is a very pure relation in this materialistic world its deifficult to find good friends and people how have good friends are the luckiest people ...

    you are lucky ...


  3. yeah raghav...he is...very much likable...

    @ bikram,

    thanks for dropping by..

    will convey your hello to prabhjot soon...

    i agree with you .. i made many friends but i never made a friend like PSR!!!

  4. You should be lucky to have a good friend. I too had some good friends but everyone seemed to change with time/ marriage. Maybe my bad luck!!

    Destination Infinity

  5. no DI its not about the luck...

    i would say...its all how about how u maintain relations with your close frenz...i myself is not able to keep intouch with all my gully, school college friends anymore...yes only via facebook but not otherwise...

    so u me ..we all fall in the same category of forgetting old 1s when making newer friends...

    i don't know how ...prabhjot and few others are the only 1s my friendship stretched a li'l bit ahead and for better!!!

  6. Hi Rahul, a post written from the heart! What a special gift you have given to your friend who comes across as a happy go lucky person. May your friendship grows stronger by the day.
    Have a good day.

  7. thanku arti...for the lovely thought and the comment.

  8. hi,glad to find and read ur place ,
    wonderful writing and touching too,
    thanks for kind words,
    god bless rahul,

  9. @ baili,

    thankyou for dropping by!!!


  10. Bro. Also His bike is Always available for all the purpose .. and to all the ppl at the same time ;-D !! :) , really miss you all !!

    1. how can i forget praby's bike...was an important element of all of our lives...

      miss you too beere!!!


  11. Thanks rahul, i never knew about this blog till today. thanks for blog and writing so much good about me :D

    1. i knew one day u'll visit this page beere ... i was just waiting for that ...!

      and this is just 1% of the goodness ive written about u .. :P


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