Saturday, June 18

Prabhjot Singh Rana

RA: Rahul Aggarwal

PSR: Prabhjot Singh Rana

“June 2007, IIT Madras, Chennai”

RA: Beere, what do you say, shall we do it?

PSR: Yes Beere, nothing to be scared of, nobody will come to know about it.

RA: let’s do it then Beere!!!

This dates back to 5 years from now. Prabhjot and I went to IIT madras to study in the library without a valid ID cards and we hoped to trespass all rules and regulations and we eventually succeeded in making to the study room.CATCH : None of us were students of IIT!!!

The theme of this blog today is not to make readers keep guessing how both of us achieved our long lost 12th standard dream of making it to the IIT (yeah yeah although illegally!!!) but to cherish 5 years of our friendship!!!

We everyday see blogs about personalities, 'hall of fames' and legends etc but we rarely come across something that is solely written for a friend.

Last I remember a person writing about their friends was on ORKUT’s testimonial page.

Many blogs you'll find on web about what friendship is all about or 10 things you must know while making new friends (enemies). But today, through this blog,i want to thanks/commemorate/bless a very special friend I made when I started my career and wish to continue and celebrate my friendship with him till eternity.

This blog is all about Prabhjot Singh Rana!!!

He is different. Very kind hearted, always loved by all, fun to be with and one who laughed and made fun all the time.

Okay, you may say what's the big deal then.

Well yeah, I know many people have these traits but he was the one you could always trust and count on. He’ll never disappoint you.

He had an easy going character and one who’ll always be there to help you no matter how deep shit you are in.

He’ll put himself first on the line before anything come across his friends. Ask him advice, it’ll be the most genuine suggestion one could ever receive from him.

He used to crack jokes, to make fun and tell PJs was his USP (no pun Praby ).

The calmness he showed in his character, his approach towards things and his friendly nature towards a stranger puts him way above the rest.

The charisma he carried in his nature, people very easily will fall for him and will throng to have an everlasting friendship with him.

I remember when we were in Chennai together for 4 years; people used to be speak the way he spoke and would pick up his one-liners. they just wanted to be like him. Everybody loved Prabhjot!!!

Trust me, if you are someone who can bore someone to tears, you'd had a hard time with Prabhjot around.

He was the favorite among girls, the blue turban SHAH RUKH KHAN!!!. people would envy him for that. Sehgal, Sanket and myself, we were victims of the public assault he rendered when girls sorrounded him.

1 line in punjabi that defined prabhjot is "Yaaran da Yaar!!!"

Although i can write pages about him but before i put my pen aside, i would like to say:

it doesn't matter how i expresss the importance he holds in my life through this blog, the only thing that matter most is, i thank god for giving such a wonderful friend and for making my life a little better by putting the "making friendship with prabhjot" chapter in my 'book of life'.

Prabhjot, you'll always be very special to me. thanks for everything!!!

Love you Beere. God bless you and on this day I wish you a very happy and fun filled birthday.

God bless you Beere and Have fun!!!

P.S: please do not consider this blog as a testimony for PSR. This is just a special way I chose to gift Prabhjot on his birthday today.

You can read about IIT Chennai here

Friday, June 17

Sir Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar!!!

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."
- W. Shakespeare

17th day of June 2011, i and my roommates sitting round the table for lunch, watching LEGENGS OF CRICKET on tube, thought the day cannot be more peaceful with nice weather outside before a small question tossed by me, resulted in an argument, spectrum-med from a discussion to a heated confrontation.

The reason for me to mention about cricket was the question I raised was in direct connection to the game and as we all know when it comes to cricket, “fanaticism” is just a semi superlative term for Indians.

Without testing further patience of my readers, let me raise the same question which led my roommates abate them self from the delicious lunch today and led me to write this blog.

My question was: “Should SACIN TENDULKAR be facilitated with the title of SIR

Is winning the world cup not enough to judge the credibility of the master to give him the throne of KNIGHT?

Does 200 runs and plus 50 50s in ODI and test respectively, does not substantiate his role for the team? Are these just personal milestones and holds no significance for the team?

Taking the team to the final on different occasions and not performing in the finals is this the only criteria to judge the batsman’s failure rate?

Has Sachin still not surpassed what Don Bradman or Viv Rickards were to cricket?

Is T20 world cup win in absence of Sachin, justifies the mortal nature of his cricket?

Will he be remembered as “SIR SACHIN TENDULKAR” or just “SACHIN TENDULKAR” for his contribution to the game and to the country?

Is the GOD of Cricket will be written down in history as a god without Sir in his name? And is SIR the only NUMERO UNO benchmark title to facilitate the little master? Or has the master outshined this title?

There is no end to the questions i frame here as all directs to the same meaning. But not reaching to a common consensus made me rethink about the mixed feelings people have about Sachin Tendulkar’s contribution to the world of cricket.

P.S : You can also read about the LEGEND here : Sachin's 200

Thursday, June 16

Love Is...

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"

- Mahatma Gandhi

It was a Saturday like never before.

The first day months after marriage that we both were together, free from work, free of all daily nuances of life, free for "complete one day". There wasn’t any Sunday in my calendar as my Monday blues started from 0th day of the week itself.

We planned to sit at home and enjoy time together in each else’ arms.

I woke up with a bright light showering on my face through the window that very morning. I could see her through the half opened eyes caressing her golden brown hair sitting near the window and the thin strides of her hair blowing away thanks to the cool breeze permeating through the window.

Soon after the cup of morning tea, we planned to stay home today and do nothing but to enjoy time together for next 24 hours. but seems it wasn't the way it was supposed to be today!!!.

I saw her rubbing her eyes again for the nth time since dawn.

“Honey, is everything OK?” I asked.

“Yeah, just a little pain in my eyes with add-on irritation”, she answered.

“Shall I put some eye drops then?”, was my quick reply.

“No”, she said, “it’ll be fine.”

But things were not meant to be fine.

She started rubbing her eyes more frequently and this added to our mutual frustration. Soon we realized, the pain was heart-breaking thanks to the 6 days sitting in office and practicing the philosophy of “1 idiot looking right into the other”, I mean looking at the computer screen 12 hours a day which acted as the main catalyst in making her eyes sore.

She didn’t accept but she had red eyes now.

We decided to consult a good eye specialist before things get worse. And soon, the “happy staying together Saturday” sided into “being any other working day”.

I googled for the nearest eye centre and found one which had the same surname as mine: “Agarwal Eye Care” in Velachery. A sense of brotherhood and unexplained emotional drama took birth within me to not to try any other institute but this, owe it to my same surname.

I got her sitting behind me on bike and we vroomed to the eye care in half an hour, thanks to the bleeding traffic of Chennai.

“I want to see the doctor for my wife’s eye checkup”, I explained to the receptionist.

She slowly lifted her face towards me and questioned,”do you have appointment fixed for the day?”

My answer was obvious “NO, as I never expected to be in an eye care today ruining my plans to stay at home, together, after a long long time", I said to myself.

“What’s your wife’s name”, she asked.

I, very confidently, slugged, “S AGGARWAL”, with the surname underlined. I knew I was not from the crowd; I was different as my surname matched the name of the eye care, so I believed I had certain affinity to the founders of this institute as we shared the same surname.

I was looking at the door the receptionist will point to for seeing the doctor (thanks to the advantage i had over others because of my surname) but i guess I was dreaming, i was wrong, she asked me to sit outside and wait in the hall.

Grrrrrrr, I felt fallen right on my face on the ground. I said to myself staring at the receptionist, “how unprofessional( be precise)!!!”

Anyways, finally we consulted the doctor and after few round of checkups, the doctor declared that her eyes are very much normal and healthy. It’s just a phobia of being unwell that was triggered unknowingly. “You have a perfect eyesight and need no medicine or spectacles of any kind to add to your perfection”, the doctor said while escorting us to the exit door.

But both of us were not satisfied and asked doctor to go further in conducting some more tests. if Sigmund freud was alive today, he would have definitely studied my brain and have added a new chapter to his book of psychology on why people doesn’t accept when the doctor says “EVERYTHING IS NORMAL” and believe in those doctors who give medicines just to make their business running and client’s satisfied for the consultation fees they pay.

“But that would involve some greenery to evaporate from your pocket”, the doctor chided.

I was prepared to go an extra mile but not to go out of this specialty centre without complete check up.

After few more tests, the doctor confirmed that she had just NORMAL eyes and she doesn’t need any extra care. He added few eye drops and asked to buy the same drops from the chemist.

This activity consumed most of our day and finally we were home at 2 noon.
She decided to lie down for a while and close her eyes as the tests were way too stressful.

15 minutes of nap and she opened her eyes and screeched,”Rahul, I cannot see aything. Why is everything so dark? Have I slept the whole day that it’s night outside?” she asked.

I was perturbed and trembling. But with full confidence, I took her in my arms and said, “No it’s still day time and you slept only for 15 minutes.”

She cried listening this as she really was not able to see anything long sighted.

I consoled her, took her in my arms we and decided to meet the doctor again as an emergency case. I told her, “not to worry as everything will be alright”. But I knew it wasn’t helping.

We rushed into the eye care in no time and were in doctor’s cabin once again.

I was concerned and she was crying.

The doctor assured there’s nothing to panic as this happens because of the eye-drops which he gave. These drops have such an effect for 6 hours that it literally makes you blind for looking objects placed closer, everything appears blur and hazy.

I shouted at him that he should have notified this thing before so that this “pain sickening panic situation” could have been averted.

I asked him to make her eye sight the way it was before when we entered this premises.

He pacified me to wait for 6 hours and do nothing.

I started to believe my “same-surname-sharing” proved to be a “curse in disguise” for my wife.

I got her back home and asked her to relax and do not worry about anything for another 4 hours.

She slowly slept into my arms like a baby.

I woke her up at 8 and she was normal without an iota pain in her eyes and was smiling.

I thought, “The curse I was hooked to…soon turned out to be blessing in disguise.” i don't remember but i guess, in one pat of the brain, i was thanking my forefathers for my inherited surname?


She was all so very relaxed and happy and thanked me for going an extra mile in showering my love for her and for the feeling that “I cared”.

She hugged me for all that I did today and finally our “not-so-very-relaxing-SATURDAY” came to an end with both us hugging each other!!!


I don’t know what it means when you care for someone and you just can’t see them in pain, you give all your love and support and pray to god and make sure, that, you put in 100% of yourself just to take away, all their pains and sorrows, just to have that SMILE last on their faces forever!!!.


May be this is what "LOVE IS"…

See how we met online and got married here.

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