Monday, May 2

Osama Bin Pakistan, America!!!

With regard to such an important day (02-05-2011) in the history of mankind, important because US army has finally captured Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan and has killed him…, now, if US has to write a letter to Pakistan for the coarse of events that occurred from Osama’s foyer from 9/11 till day in relation to Pakistan, what U.S must have written in that letter.

Dear Pakistan,

First of All, thanks a lot for all the help and support you & your people have extended towards our efforts for the past 10-12 years.

No matter, how many allegations does India put against you for being the hub of terrorism, we have supported you in thick and thin and ignored all the factual rumors (on the pretext of being false) spread by other Asian countries including India against you; and will continue to provide the same support in future.

You always denied the presence of Osama in Pakistan, very true; if interrogated (apologies for being disrespectful Sir!!!), your response will be either, “he was caught in no man’s land as per you or you were made the scapegoat into this”.

But as per our understanding, you actually never knew about Osama’s hideout in first place…people now consider being in Pakistan. We accept generously your “NO-knowledge” on this subject and have no hard feelings against you.

You were also made responsible for the 26/11 attacks held in Mumbai. India caught the accused terrorist Ajmal kasab who was a Pakistani nationalist but you openly denied the Pakistani' nationality of the accused. We still supported this act of yours.

Allegations were that you were also responsible for the Indian parliamentary attacks but you openly denied the fact and now the same terrorists are hiding under your nose somewhere in Pakistan without your so-called-knowledge, shall we assume this as another Osama in making???

No matter what, we, as always, will remain silent on this.

We also know that the other most wanted terrorists like Daud and CON is also hiding in Pakistan without your awareness.

Lastly, apologies for the accidental humilation you faced on grounds of US army killing Osama in your land, we apologize for our mistake and hope it doesn’t play a spoiler in our future relations.

With this note, I would like to say, No matter what the world says against you, we will keep supporting you and keep strengthening you financially for your (OURS!!!) so called military aid (popularly known as terrorism).


Building relationships,


Google Adsense : GAME OVER !!!

5 years ago, when I started blogging, I was acquainted to “adense”.

Soon my blog had nice little flashy thumbnails that automatically posted contents related to the blog and links to publicize the advertisers that would indirectly generate revenue for my posts.

But six months after the adsense activation, I got a surprise mail from the almighty “google” that your adsense account has been deactivated, disabled for the unnecessary click I made on the ads to raise the revenue bar.

I was completely numb on reading this mail. Double checked whether I opened my account only or not.

It felt as if some undefined force took away life from my blog, only to know later, I was the one who killed my blog.

First question that popped in my mind was, why would I do something so irrational to double my revenue when I knew adsense likes to grow more horizontally then exponential on the graphs and is no hen from the fantasy world that lay golden eggs all at once???

May be it was an accident, but, outlawing forever without understanding the situation was too harsh I believe on my blog.

I mailed the team all valid reasons for the unintentional act but all in vain.
The only reply was “Your adsense account is deactivated!!!”

And that’s when “B-adsense” nemesis rose to the occasion.

I tried everything from creating a new Google mail account, linking it to my blog, creating new blog on different platforms to creating new blogger profiles for myself, etc but every time i got the same message : “Your account is deactivated after verification”.

5 years now and my blog is very much alive and running but without the extra air of adsense to it, sadly.

I do not worry much about it anymore, although I do feel disappointed sometimes.
Wish I had some asian/Indian running alternatives to adsense accounts (Am I day Dreaming again???).

RIP My blogger’s adsense account!!!
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