Tuesday, February 8

love Story 2010

It was last year, March 2010 when she pinged and our conversation took off. The reason we had this conversation was my introduction to MOTA Blogs (thanks to Sanket).

Slowly as the days passed, our short and sweet conversations reached new heights. It was no longer short rather lengthier with some extra sugar, supplemented the tête-à-tête.

One point of time in each of our lives, a stage came where it was inevitable to chat (minimum) once in the day before clicking “OFFLINE”option.

People wandering why do I focus more on internet chatting when there are other means available in today’s world to have a better exchange of words?

I being in Johannesburg was the only reason to carry dialogue with her on web. We were on a virtual date over the internet least bothered about our physical appearances. The only way we would see each other was by exchanging photos through mail.

We discussed anything and everything from how the day would start to how many members in the family, likes/dislikes, followed by what we had in lunch etc etc…, every day.

Soon, I purchased a World calling card and we were free from the clutches of virtual dating over the internet. But very soon, the option to talk over phone, started to look cheesy in comparison to idea of meeting each other ‘in person’. So we finally decided to meet once I was back from Johannesburg.

Excitement was above the threshold. Although first time but it never felt like first timer’s meeting. One may call it telepathy but it always felt as if we had known each other past few years now.

I boarded the flight from Chennai to Pune, last year, sweet September. She looked more stunning and beautiful then what I saw in the pics. It looked as if this dawn will never kiss the dusk seeing the undying curiosity we had to know more & more about each other and stay together every minute.

Very soon, a seven day trip, I felt, as if was shortened to one day in each else’ presence. I remember reading somewhere; Einstein was asked once to define RELATIVITY. His answer was, “put your hand on a burning stove for 5 minutes, it looks like an hour. Sit for an hour with your beloved, it looks like 5 minutes. That’s relativity“. On the 7th day, I agreed to what Einstein said, not for the definition but for the second metaphor he used. The trip was short but had an ever lasting impression on each of us.

Last but one day, she took me to her place to meet her siblings. We had a nice time together.

Although physically I was in Chennai but I knew I lost something back in Pune. We were back to square one, chatting over internet and talking on phone for never-ending hours during my short stay in Germany. Very soon she decided to ask her family about “OUR” future together. All agreed and happiness on her face blossomed.

My parents were cool about it and they left it on me to make the final call. Soon she started speaking to all in my family telephonically. We had a new chemistry forming between us beyond our regular friendship. And that’s when we knew, we were in LOVE.

Initially I was apprehensive about the marriage as I needed more time to settle down and think about my future.

I always felt, the idea about marriage can act as a hurdle between me and my career growth. But soon after long discussions, we decided to settle down after marriage and sooner my ‘bachelor’ career chart was ripped off and replaced with the ‘career chart post marriage’.

And now since its public and the dates are out, 19th of feb, 2011, will be the day when my scooter will have “HAPPILY MARRIED” placard behind.


  1. you!!! so this is the story bhaiya :)
    and no wonder you didn't bother to say hi last septmber inspite of getting my number n being in Pune!
    Cya soon!

  2. sorry anoop...but it wont happen for sure...this time...will c u very soon in pune!!!

  3. oh mah god!!
    dis is so lving n tuching...!!

    wish u both an awsm lyf 2gdr..:)

  4. thanks buddy....thanks for the lovely wishes...

  5. Wish you both a lovely companionship! I just reading through your blogs after being redirected from indiBlogger!

    I now live in Johannesburg and it's nice to meet someone in the virtual world who stayed here from India! Just an affiliation for the human mind ;-)

  6. @ Divya,

    thanks for the wishes again!!!

    hey i was in Johannesburg for 2 years while i was working for FIFA .. i stayed in morningside .. i always felt South Africa is a place to live and die...i am still so much in love with that country....



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