Sunday, November 7

Bloopers of its Kind

Through this blog, I would like to share some of my experience/bloopers/blunders/accidents, i faced, during my stay in Germany.

On arrival at Frankfurt Airport:

At the airport, German staff at the VISA verification office, asked my dear Indian but yet not so Indian colleague, “KYA HAAL HAI” in German accent.

My friend from Chennai replied: “Sorry, I do not understand GERMAN.”

Work timesheet filling:

At work, asked my colleague in Germany to fill my ontime (work timesheet) with the status as “WORKING IN SHIFTS.”

Dude filled it as, “WORKING IN SHITS.”

Day Light Saving Time (DST):

Started from room at 5:15 AM to catch 5:50 AM tram which has a usual runtime of every one hour on weekends, ended up at the station at 4:50 AM thanks to Day Light Saving (DST).

Thank god we do not have DST in India. Trust me guys, it’s a MESS.

Wondering what happens if DST shifts time by 12 hours forward/backward?

At the Shop:

Day 1:

At the Shop counter,

Me (In English): “is this toothpaste?”

(There wasn't anything mentioned on the tube in english which says about its toothpaste characteristics...not even the word ‘TOOTHPASTE’.

Everything was German.)

The only fact I knew was, that the paste was placed in the same section where other dental stuff was present.

The dilemma whether to buy or not and check out for other alternatives, was trounced by the idea of tomorrow's situation to brush without paste keeping in mind the fact that no other shop was available in vicinity.

I once again asked the lady at the counter with tube in one hand and virtual brush made from my right hand finger held close to my mouth, “is this a tooth paste???”

Lady: “Ja, Ja (for yes), No Anglais!!!”

Me: “Oh, German….No English…Francais, Francais? (as if I knew French very well)!!!”

Lady: “Nein, Nein (for NO), German, German…no Francais!!!”
Me: “Tooth Paste” (literally rubbing my teeth with my finger)

Lade: Ja, Ja, toothpaste!!!

Me: “thankyou…bubye.”

I got back to the room.

Day 2:

Brushed with this new toothpaste the next day. Oh no!!! Blood all over my mouth. Googled the contents online for this brand.

Ooops, the tooth paste read “ANIMAL TOOTH ACHE” !!!


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