Thursday, August 26


Times, a thing assumed so parochial when observed from periphery actually turns out to be so radical and fundamental in practice.

No matter how hard one tries to abstain from it, make it sit in one corner of the brain, it does spur one fine day and gives you a reality check.

The entire running away thing soon turns out to be ‘a thing of the past’.

My Advice: Do what your heart says not the people!!!


I finally did it, yes got myself inked!!!

I longed to do this from times immemorial (owing to the yes/no advices given by the mouths around).

I had my first tattoo done and was inked for rest of my life!!!

This dates back to days when I was in Chennai and came across this ink shop, our very own desi version of LA Ink!!!

I checked in and enquired.

Reason why I wanted a tattoo: primarily, I considered it cool to have one and the only way people start differentiating between twins (secondary reason ... off course)!

Jokes apart.

Apprehensions whether to get it done or not, threats of AIDS/HIV infection, non-sterilized needles, too expensive a tattoo etc were visible all over my face.

After a long wait and making up my mind, finally I got a chance to get my first tattoo done when I was in Johannesburg in 2009.

How should the first tattoo look like?

What design should it be?

What am I most fond/scared of?



Girlfriend’s name, my own name...


Etc etc

After a series of unending, undying questions about what my tattoo should be all about, I filtered and closed my heart for an OM tattoo.

Why OM?

Well, I am god fearing person, who thinks, some super natural force omnipresent to take care of me and so I believe nothing but OM is the only link to replace this feeling.

I incised the tattoo on my arm.

Why arm?

I always wanted to get a tattoo done on my arm so that it’s always visible. The other reason was I was afraid of prickling pain of piercing needles in other body parts (At least my arm had enough muscle to stand the pain).

My colleague (Vin) at work took me to a tattoo shop in Johannesburg.

Work reminds me of an incident when another colleague got in a verbal confrontation with Vin over provoking me to get a tattoo done. Now this colleague had a very different perception about tattoo. As per him, no artificial thing can replace the natural magnificence of god and a tattoo doesn't lasts forever as you grow old your body wrinkles.

So he strongly oppose to my idea of getting tattoo on my body!!!

But, I had already made up my mind to go ahead and now there was no turning back for me.

One thing I figured out from this incident is, we humans are very similar in thinking, no matter which part of world we belong to. Not only in India but people in other parts of the world still find tattoo ink not good, a no-reason-to-waste-money and leave a callisthenic scar on your body or may be, to be in a state of masochism.

Without further extending this post, let me show you the work I got done on my arm for the rest of my life.


  1. Short and simple write-up, tells us abt the stereotypical nature of Indian soceity.. liked how you related these two thingzz.. :)

    Pump in some iron 'nd then hav this 'OM' pic attached.. just a suggestion to increase the sex appeal of d blog.. hihi.. :)

  2. hey it's not only the uneducated but educated urban people are asking me to give 1 good reason of getting a tattoo...

    do i need a reason for doing something which i believe is too personal and may not be cool for someone but pretty cool to me...

    anywayz, arrey nahi yaar iron viron toh pump nahi hoga bus ab jaisa hai vaisa hi rahega...

  3. Tu ghar to aa, maar padegi, big time...he he...
    Good article, and truly reflected the hypocritical side of the society...

  4. @ raghav,

    maar toh tab padegi jab unhe pataa chalega...promise u wont utter a word to them :D

    @ anoop,

    thnx dude!!!

  5. As usual you have beautifully crafted each and every word. Well mine is still dude. I gonna be have one soon ;).


  6. hey bhaiya,

    thnx for the comment...

    yeah get it dunn soon...i know a tattoo shop in chennai where they make good tattoos ...just lemme know if u r interested...

    btw have u decided on the design what u want to inscribe....

  7. I have a unicorn and a dragon fighting tattoo on my right arm. Got it done in 2007. It was symbolic though. I always felt that humans have a good and bad side to them and we must always ensure our good side prevails our bad side. :) Chher buddy. Aye Zindagi!

  8. hey RI,

    thanks for dropping by...

    i would love to read your blog on tattoo and if you have a pic, can you share it across .. also the url for the post on unicorn tattoo...



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