Friday, February 26


24th Feb 2010, ‘a Wednesday’, has not only become a significant day in
the lives of more than a billion people but will also be remembered as the most important day in the golden books of history.

What has happened today will be penned in the history for the first and may be, for the last time.

One man changed the way the game was played, the way the world looked at him and will look now on.

Rarely someone is infatuated with this extraordinary ability to affect so many lives infinite times, besides the fact, the same person does not carve any blood bonds to millions and millions of people around him but still manages to be part of each and every soul and touch their hearts with immense emotions .

A "COMMON MAN", no matter he’s a daily wage worker, a waiter, an office going individual, a middle class guy or a beggar, feels elated, full of pride when they see him walk in, representing the voice of the whole nation, as, a “one-man-army” rebel against the odds and feel oneself fortunate enough to be part of the same era in which the legend is born. He’s someone who’s got the power, the charisma to make an unconnected someone, smile even in their downfall. His presence is considered blessings for all.

The world transformed him from a normal human being to a star genius to a legend to a ‘doused fire’ but ‘HE’ never gave up, fought against the odds no matter how tough the journey was, he testified and proved them all incorrect, for, he stands out of the realm of definitions today.

The same world tags him today as a demigod, an incarnation of god on this planet and “no-nonsense human being.” He’s been an exception in himself, invincible, an untouchable figure alive today to conquer such heights none has dare to dream!!!

The more we talk about him just falls short of the more he does on the field.

He’s none other than the legendary, one and only to drew first blood, master of masters, master blaster, icon of icons, sportsman (cricketer) of the century, the little genius, born to rule the world and be an undisputed king of the game, the most humble human in history, the Jesus of cricket's bible, the epitome of perfection, a proud INDIAN, "SACHIN TENDULKAR.”

If someone asks:

Q. Define “Pressure” in cricket?
A. The millions of hopes put on SACHIN TENDULKAR per run he scores.

P.S : you can wish Sachin on his bday here.


  1. Fine piece of writing. I am no cricket fan but Still watched the DBL century with nail biting tension. such is the greatness of the man.

    Jai Ho sachin..

  2. Tooo good....All u said is 200% true... :)

  3. i myself is no big fan of cricket...but it was a delight to watch Sachin the other day....wednesday should definitely be celebrated as national day or Sachin's day in history....

  4. @ Anonymous:

    200% i agree with u,

    its been said:

    Praise the LORD, he'll forgive all ur sins!!!

  5. Bhai..Gwalior kaha hai..uska name bhi tho aana chahiye na.

  6. A good post by you as a good ton by Sachin.
    Nicely said by you about his pressure handling and humbleness.

  7. pakka ji pakka...gwalior ka naam daalta huun blog mein....

  8. Nice blog.....For some time now...ppl were wondering if Sachin should all mouths shut now......

  9. no way Megs...sachin still gotta long way to go...may b post world cup next yr....but its MAY BE... lol :D

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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