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Movie Review : Avatar, 2012, Paa, 3 Idiots

It’s been long since I did my last movie review. I am no critique but thought of hunting 4 movies this Christmas and reviewing them.

Johannesburg’s nerve-jangling climate and 22 deg. Celsius temperature prompted me to stay back this Christmas. But I guess, the fever wasn’t outside but inside me to watch the best of all the movies hitting screen this December, especially when it was Aamir Khan’s “3 Idiots” round the corner. I could not even dare to let pass this flick.

3 days prior to Ak’s release, I planned to wrap up the already running houseful movies. So, today I’ll review not only 3 Idiots, but also, Avatar, Paa and 2012 in the same chronological sequence as I watched them on screen.

Avatar: 3D animation, cool graphics, captivating story and James Cameroon’s direction. What else can one expect from this complete package entertainer? A movie – a life’s experience.

A movie very close to what future cinema is going to be like; James Cameroon has nailed all his experience in this classic animation once again.

Setup in the year 2154 the animated virtual characters seated in the mind of real actors trying to establish a frail connection between the real and the virtual worlds, attesting a morale to the real minds, no matter how scientific we are, there’s always a universal unimaginable, invincible and invisible force, a force that unites every creature in this world, a supreme power, Avatar, that commands our will and prepare all to survive and retaliate against the nature destroyers.

A must watch, altogether a different 3D experience, contemporary music by James Horner (must listen I SEE YOU by LEONA LEWIS), exceptional acting, my rating 10/10. A big contender for this year’s Oscars.

2012: Year 2012, the world is coming to an end, an Indian scientist’s premonition; the world begins its preparation to fight back against the nature’s disorder about to happen. The fiascos, the rippling effects of earth’s crust movement, the world encounters before 21-12-2012 and the way to survive, is what 2012 is all about.

The movie loses its gleam in few scenes wherein John Cussack and Amanda Peet’s conduct was way too comical irrespective of the scene demanded some serious acting. A serious matter about the world coming to an end, gets an easy walk away in the middle.

A nail biting story, that keeps the viewers hinged to the corner of their seat. Cool sound effects, impressive visuals has already left a pretty good impression. 2012 is one movie you cannot think of trashing.

On the whole, excellent A/V, imaging and camera representation, A must watch movie.

My rating 8.5/10.

Paa: The movie is all about a 12 year old boy AURO, played by Amitabh Bachchan.
He suffers from Progeria, a rare disease wherein the age growth is normal but the development happen at multiplying rate. Let’s say, a 5 year boy will be 5 year old in mind but physically will be around 40 years old.

Amitabh Bachchan is one actor in Indian cinema today who has the capability to make impossible possible. Brilliant performer, a protagonist actor in his 70s in real life has played a character of a 12 year old boy suffering from Progeria on reel (onscreen).

A must watch movie; Amitabh Bachchan will definitely win the best critic award for the kind of life he’s put in this role.

R. Balki’s direction and Illyaraja’s music is an add-on feature in this movie.

My rating 9/10.

3 Idiots: Inspired from “5 point someone” novel, movie is about 3 college students, set out to follow their passion in the rat race the world is in today.

The movie is reflection of each of our’s past that we had when we were in college. A comical movie sending a very serious impression to follow your heart, to believe in yourself, live happily forever and help all. And still, if you fall and hit the ground, never give up, put your hand on heart and say AAL-IZZ-WELL!!!

Aamir khan has done it again. AK today is one brilliant actor who got this amazing ability to turn sand into gold. He’s definitely a trend-setter. It’s hard to believe, he’s 40+ whereas onscreen he looks 25. some very cool peppy numbers in the movie.

Exceptional performance by the 3 idiots with tremendous background score.

Of all the movies Aamir has done, I would rate this as Aamir's best performance.
My rating 10/10.


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  2. Taran Adarsh is making :D

  3. Hey Rahul,

    Im visiting your blog after a long time..
    Looking at the ratings you have given for the movies in this post, U seem to be liberal movie critic ;)

  4. nice to hav u bak anantha....hey may b i was too liberal..but u tell me does these movies deserve anything less then what i rated?

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  7. Everyone is talking about how watching the film is such a great visual experience... I agree, the effects used were totally mind blowing... But what really made a lasting impact on me was the hidden meaning behind the movie.... Basically on how all life is inter connected. The film got me thinking about nature and my connection with it. Our planet and the harm we are doing to it.. The movie got me questioning myself on my choices that were possibly harming the environment, but more importantly about what I was doing to conserve the environment? I kinda realised that I could help by taking part in some Green Campaigns. I did a google search and found out that a few NGOs registered on Jaago Re are looking out for volunteers for tree plantation drives.
    I’m thinking of participating in a drive organised by EDUCATR.

  8. Cool dude!!!

    it's good to know that u r planning to go for go green drive...i appreciate that...

    and i also agree the film says a lot more then just the story or the graphics or the effects that it had on us and the ones that were used in the flick...

    JC's another way of making people realize that how we people are so very vulnerable to the environment and 1 must always forbid thyself to go beyond the mother nature's endurance limits...

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