Thursday, December 17

The Magical Fountain

Naina, 10 year old, stationed near the water fountain at Newgate Square, overheard a voice, “if you make a wish with closed eyes and throw a 2 rupee coin in the pond there, the wish is always rewarded if made with a pure heart”.

She pinned her ears and heart to the statement so well that she went near the magical fountain pool and gave all her attention to let the fact sink into her. She was not surprised anymore to see abundant 2 rupee coins dazzling in the artificial water pond. She tried believing the fact that many kids like her must have come by this pool to make a wish and threw the coins into the pool.

Today, Naina accompanied her father to do routine shopping. She was too young to carry money in her pockets. The only valued stuff she carried in her frock was a half eaten lollypop and a brown bear covered in handkerchief.

With innocence on her face, lollypop in mouth and bear in one hand, she looked around to search for a 2 rupee coin somewhere on the ground but all in vain. Her father was also indispensible. She looked around but could not find him in vicinity to where she was standing. She prayed for her father to appear soon so she can ask for a coin as she has already decided as to what she’ll ask the Water-God once the coin is into the pond.

It’s been long since she has had chocolates. So she desperately wished for the same today. After waiting there for a while, she started searching for her dad in shops round the corner.

While she was walking by, she observed a poor boy of her age, pale, sitting in a torn shirt and with head margined to the shape of skull, appeared as if he had his last meal years ago. He was sitting there alone sobbing the fact, “The pond is fake, it consumed the last 2 rupee coin I had. I wished food and it left me with nothing.”
Naina was baffled seeing his plight and murmurs that she left the place without troubling the boy.

Very soon she found dad purchasing stuff for mom. She ran very close to him and asked daddy naively with all the worldly charm for a two rupee coin. Daddy was so absorbed in shopping; he left the kid with a two rupee coin in the fist. She was elated as if she won her first battle and scuttled erratically to the magical place where the fountain was.

Her eyes met the boy for the second time only to find the boy slept on the floor, after crying, all curled up in the cold weather. She felt sad for the situation and gave him her bear and leftover lollypop while he was sleeping.

As she reached the water pond, she closed her eyes, made a wish and was about to throw the coin in the pool when her consciousness stopped her to do so. She turned back and ran to the bakery shop to buy a bun and a glass of milk for two rupees.
She ran to the place where the boy was sleeping with bun in the pocket and milk clutched in both the hands. She placed her handkerchief on the floor and divested the eatables on to the handkerchief and disappeared.

The boy woke up after an hour to discover food in front of him. He gazed around for a second to see if anyone is in possession. But, the second seemed too long for him to be patient; he soon broke his hunger and started eating posthumously with both hands. As he raised his head, he saw the water fountain showering at the same place where he dropped the coin. He lifted the handkerchief to find a bear and lollypop hiding below it. He always knew with the same 2 rupee coin he dropped in the pond, he could have never afforded to buy so much of stuff. He thanked the magical pond for granting his wish and went back to sleep.

Naina’s dad bought a chocolate pack when she was not around and placed it nicely in his coat’s upper pocket. He saw Naina coming bare-handed and without bear. His first reaction was Naina must have been robbed by some mischievous boys. He ran across her as to confirm nothing went wrong with her. She told him the entire story. He was taken aback and felt contented to hear his daughter’s matured behaviour.

He took her to the magical fountain place and asked her to make the same wish again as he plummeted a two rupee coin on her palm. Immediately the chocolate fell on to her hands and she told daddy that the magical fountain does work and grant all what so ever you wish with a pure heart.

P.S: This work is purely fictional and imaginative and is written with pure content of writing my first short story. Hope you like it and I welcome all thoughts and reflections for this blog. I would like to thank my brother Raghav for taking out time and reviewing, editing my concept.

Thanks a ton Raghav!!!


  1. The word beautiful does not even start to describe this story....
    it is so pure and so outright gorgeous.

    Many a people write short love stories or tragic stories or suspense stories, but i have rarely come across something this touching and this serene.

    Thank you for giving me this to read.

  2. hey jojo

    that's too sweet of you to say that really ...

    aaah or may be .. (joey tribyani coming within me)

    thank you (blushing) i knew someday somebody will definitely appreciate this piece... lol

    thanks for reading this post !



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