Monday, October 5

Kaminey : Hum Dono Judwa Hai!!!

No this isn’t the review of the movie, KAMINEY. Neither am writing this blog to appreciate how well Vishal Bhardwaj directed it nor to mention anything about the brilliant performance of protagonist Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra.

The title may sound confusing but honestly it’s about me and my twin brother (RG), how we were during school, me always being a nemesis of his goodwill nature, his characteristics and how he would always cover up for all my mistakes. We are identical twins who never use to stutter or say ‘F’ for ‘S’ as Guddu or Charlie from the movie, but, the only thing that was common between us was...if one of us falls sick, the other will follow after few days.

Through this blog, I’ll publish few instances of kaminapan each of us played in our childhood. Fo (So), Fit (Sit) back and enjoy the blog. No pun intended in thif (this) article.

Kaminey 1: It once happened in school when our Maths teacher asked each student to recite the tables. My twin RG was always very good in reciting tables and I was complete opposite to him. He was known for his behaviour and intelligence whereas I was famous for my lethargic, dumb nature. When he stood first in class, I stood nowhere.

We were so similar in looks that my mother bought different colour jerkins so the teachers and students in school do not face any difficulties in distinguishing as to who’s who in the class. RG’s id was always before me in the class. Teachers would never call us by names instead by roll numbers. After RG successfully delivered the table for 14 (I knew only till table 5), very soon, I realised it was my turn. RG would always sit with me (the Back Benchers) when it sounded trouble.

RG while moving back to his seat observed I was apprehensive and that’s when he decided to sit right next to me. I knew he’ll help me out from this mess somehow. As we were sitting together, we exchanged the pullovers (the sweater) and he went in for me and recited the table of 19. 19, good lord, if he wasn’t there, I knew I was dead.

The teacher except students, never ever came to know that it was always RG, who recited the tables for both of us.So as the dialogue from the movie goes, "Life ko jeene ke 2 tarike hai - fortkut (shortcut) aur chota fortkut (shortkut)"

Kaminey 2: Making girl friend in school was an in thing those days. It was a prestige issue and a thing to brag about. RG was always very studious so he never invested time or money on girls. He was so unlike me. I remember I had a very nice girl as friend when I was in 9th standard.

It was a weekend when me and my gal decided to meet coming Sunday. She called me on Saturday to confirm about the venue and timings. Mobiles were not very popular those days. So, she gave a buzz on my landline and RG lifted the phone in my absence. She wanted to talk to me when my twin hung up for a second or so and answered the call speaking as if I was on the call. She fixed the venue details with RG and he never bothered to tell me about that.

Now when Sunday came, she waited for 2 hours and returned back all very frustrated. Next day in school, she confronted and asked why I didn’t show up when we fixed the plan for Sunday. I asked confusingly, “now when did I fix a plan with you, instead, I was waiting whole day for your call and you never turned up???” that’s when I figured out it was RG who intentionally didn’t tell me about the call and screwed up things for both of us.

That’s when my first crush soon turned as my last girl friend, thanks to my very supportive twin.

P.S : Do read my bro Rg's reply to the same blog here!!!
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