Wednesday, September 9

A Drunken Soul

This poem is dedicated to all the Respected "drunkards" of the world!!!

It was a Friday night,
kept all office work aside,
Went to a pub & tapped "red wine".

Got drunk midnight,
And the bartender escorted me to my car, parked on the right.

When i was saturated with wine,
Rolled the empty bottle down the parking line.

As i started my drive,
a loud noise and the pole hit my van,
An old fella' cried, “he's a DEAD MAN!!!”

Saddle of alcohol in my eyes, made the whole world look blind.
Reached 100 on the highway and I realized, I was out of my mind.

Reached home at morning 3,
unable to open the garage,
Hid my van under the tree.

Slipped into the room and slammed my door,
and my mobile banged on the floor.

Mobile buzzed late when I almost slept tight,
A friend invited for the party early morning tonight.

30 minutes later,
i was with him.

After few beers,
I could not walk,
I could not talk,
I slept at Drinker's Den!!!”,
Hell, the club closed after 10.

Next day,
Had puked on my shirt,
My eyes were red and head was engaged in the hangover fight,
That’s when the cop pulled over and tried to figure out,
What the f*** happened to him last night???


  1. Woah…that’s quite a drunken state of affairs..but I would say very aptly put forward and one could easily relate to the situation, the only difference being, the situation needs to be realized in india with a police man busting you in the middle of the night with a stick either reprimanding you or asking for a peg…:-)
    Well written…

  2. thnx bhai...i guess its only u who think that poem is cool...anywayz...i must tell u its written out of experience...and u know that i guess

  3. Snehal-First time i read poem on drunker...... haha.. it was cool 1.....yeah.....hahaha....

  4. lol.. indeed funny!!!

  5. thanku sweety!!!

    reflects more of my state when am

  6. hey thanks geets .. for liking the poem!!!




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