Wednesday, September 23

Fibonacci Series

Life, sometimes, is funny. Well, for me, it was quite opposite; life was sometimes serious but was never very serious.

Today, I’ll share a very interesting incident happened during college. It may not sound hilarious now but from the day I experienced it, till date, I do laugh whenever it comes in mind.

It was my first year of college and Computer Science practical exam was going on at 3 in afternoon. The practical session would not last for more than an hour.

Computer’s was one subject I loved to hate and would always run for covers. It was my final practical exam before I could move into the next semester. The invigilator was an old guy like a service class employee, very lethargic in his movements and with wrinkles all over the face.

Soon after the verbal (oral) evaluation, the last half hour in the torture room was given for performing the practical. It was more of an execution room where the innocent was made to sit in an electric chair and was given shocks until dead.

On the teacher’s desk was the Pandora’s Box which had the entire C program name chits written on it and each one of us was suppose to build code on whatever chit was picked from the box in last half hour. Only half hour, I knew I was already screwed. I almost gave up.

C reminded me of Yashwant Kanitkar’s “LET US C”. Whenever I had a thought about the book, I always believed there was lot of sarcasm, wickedness involved in the way Yashwant titled it ‘let us C’ and true as everything sounded Greek to me.

Anyways those chits in the box were like evil about to unleash. My hands were trembling and water running down the spine with round circles whirling around my eyes as I lifted one paper bit out of the god-dam box.

As I was tried to figure out exactly what was mentioned in the slip, a heavy voice like that of YAMRAAJ came from behind. Soon I realized lords' from hell has come to take me away with them. As I turned, it was my invigilator asking for what program was mentioned in my slip. I slowly read Fibonacci series followed by a loud uproar from the teacher saying, ‘’Go to your desk and start writing the code on F series’’. Without lifting my head and eyes stuck on to the paper, I stumbled upon my desk. It’s not I was mentally engrossed in thinking the logic for the program, in fact, was actually trying to figure out the meaning of the word FIBONACCI.

The guy sitting next to me, Rajesh, was a quiet guy who knew computers more than me, at least.

I thought he’ll be my saviour and I slowly whispered to him, “Dude, any idea what does Fibonacci series mean?” Rajesh took more than expected time in replying, “Dude! Fibonacci was a Chinese who discovered geometric progression series: 2, 4,8,16...” My immediate response was, “Discovered???” Rajesh exasperated, “u want to know or not”. But was he sure, even Rajesh didn’t knew. Anyways, his reply came as a signal of relief for me but for a short span.

I again glanced at my slip and found some random numbers written at the bottom with OUTPUT as the word describing those numbers. I showed it to Rajesh and his immediate response was, “dude, u r screwed...”

I started cribbing some stdio input output codes on the blue screen.

It was the last ten minutes of the session when the invigilator decided to visit each student’s desk and evaluate him/her on the basis of code written. When I and Rajesh were left for the final evaluation, suddenly, the bell rang stating the end of session. The teacher announced, “Please show me the final outputs now as your output will determine your logic’s design.” Soon after Rajesh’s brutal evaluation (as his output was all blank black screen, unfortunately), the teacher paced his steps towards me and observed me pressing the compiler and debug controls on the screen. As he came across, the black output screen popped and Fibonacci series was generated. The teacher was enthralled to see the outcome and prompted, “Son, you’ve learned your concepts very well, am proud of students like you!!!”

But how did I manage to print that output. Well am writing the same code I used in exam and now, will surely never forget for the rest of my life.

The Fibonacci code:

void main(void)
int i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s;
printf("%d\t%d\t%d\t%d\t%d\t%d\t%d\t%d\t% d\t%d\t%d\t%d\t",i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t);
So was the corresponding output.

Wednesday, September 9

A Drunken Soul

This poem is dedicated to all the Respected "drunkards" of the world!!!

It was a Friday night,
kept all office work aside,
Went to a pub & tapped "red wine".

Got drunk midnight,
And the bartender escorted me to my car, parked on the right.

When i was saturated with wine,
Rolled the empty bottle down the parking line.

As i started my drive,
a loud noise and the pole hit my van,
An old fella' cried, “he's a DEAD MAN!!!”

Saddle of alcohol in my eyes, made the whole world look blind.
Reached 100 on the highway and I realized, I was out of my mind.

Reached home at morning 3,
unable to open the garage,
Hid my van under the tree.

Slipped into the room and slammed my door,
and my mobile banged on the floor.

Mobile buzzed late when I almost slept tight,
A friend invited for the party early morning tonight.

30 minutes later,
i was with him.

After few beers,
I could not walk,
I could not talk,
I slept at Drinker's Den!!!”,
Hell, the club closed after 10.

Next day,
Had puked on my shirt,
My eyes were red and head was engaged in the hangover fight,
That’s when the cop pulled over and tried to figure out,
What the f*** happened to him last night???
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