Monday, August 17

A Night To Remember

Soon after the FIFA confederation cup 2009, William and family decided to come and visit Raj’s place for dinner. Raj spoke to William in morning and confirmed the party starts at 6 in evening. Sophie (5 yrs.), the youngest daughter was desperately waiting for daddy’s return from work.

William phoned at 6 to apologize as he was held up at work. Raj had no plans to postpone the dinner as most of the preparation was done for the kids, so he decided to wait.

William arrived at half past 9 in evening. Not only Raj but Sophie, Anna (8 yrs.) and William Jr. (6 yrs.) were annoyed with him for delaying the festivity by three hours. Mrs. William told Raj, Sophie slept near the window waiting for daddy’s car till it was dark.

As soon as Sophie got out of the car, she looked around and came running towards Raj with open arms. He lifted her and gave a warm welcoming hug. She whispered in his ear, “I am sorry, daddy came home very late.” Raj replied, “Its ok baby. Sorry to keep you waiting but we’ll enjoy every minute now at my place and I’ll scold daddy for being late and he won’t get the supper tonight.” Sophie was smiling once again while she cuddled in Raj’s arms.

In short span of time, the living room was with smiles and cheers. Sophie looked up and asked Raj to sit next to her. Mrs. William responded immediately, “aaw, Raj, she likes you a lot.” He replied, “Yeah, now she’s my baby, right Sophie?” She nodded affirmatively. Each one in the room was pleased. Raj got chocolates, muffins, cake, pastries and ice cream ready for the kids. But before all this, he wanted everyone to taste the Indian tea. All of them, including the little ones, had tea twice. William agreed, “This Indian tea is an addiction, nirvana, but unfortunately am not blessed with an Indian wife who can make such a nice cup every day for me.” Before Mrs. William could reply to Mr. William’s statement, Raj offered 1 more cup of tea and the method of making such a tea to Mrs. Williams.

Anna, William Jr. and Sophie wanted to see the apartment. Sophie was tired, so Raj picked her up and showed the rooms. Raj and kids were so engrossed in chatting and playing, that they lost track of time before Mr. William tartan at his watch and it was half past 11. The kids were tired and their belly was full. So Raj served Indian cuisine for Mr. & Mrs William. Sophie came in kitchen rasping an eye and said, “I want to sleep Raj.” He apologised Mr. William and asked him to serve himself until back. He picked her up, she crossed her arms around Raj’s neck and asked him to carry her to the bedroom. There was an angelic innocence in Sophie that Raj could not resist in pampering the adorable beauty. She asked Raj to be there with her till she’s slept.

As Raj rested, Sophie slept on him. He covered her with the duvet and slowly rolled her on the bed but her hands were in his jacket pockets. She was a little angel who just didn’t want to leave Raj. He kissed her on forehead and blessed her with a good night sleep.

Meanwhile, William and other kids were enjoying the desert in the living room. At around half past 12, William decided to leave. Raj gave chocolates, cake and stuff to kids and Indian tea powder and recipe to Mrs. William. Mr. William took Sophie and dropped her in the car. As she woke up, she asked her dad, “Why are we leaving right now? I want to stay here for some more time.” William promised Sophie that they’ll come here again someday as he also wants to taste the Indian tea again.

Raj went across the car and gave hug to all three angels. As they were about to depart, he observed a tiny tear formation in Sophie’s eyes. As she winked, the drop trickled on Raj’s hand. He doesn’t know what was happening but she offered her arms and he lifted her from the car into his arms. She put her hands around Raj’s neck, head on the chest and legs around the waist and hugged him tightly. She kissed and said, “Raj, I’ll wait for you to invite me once again to your place.” Raj kissed and promised her that he’ll meet his darling baby very soon again. As the car started moving, Sophie took her head out of the car and cried in soft tender voice, “I’ll MISS YOU Raj.”

He waved till the car disappeared in street’s light.
Next day afternoon, Raj got a call from Anna saying thanks for the dinner last night and now they are waiting for the next visit. Sophie came online to wish Raj and whispered “I LOVE YOU, Raj.”

P.S: The real names of the characters are unacknowledged and hidden in this story. it's a real incident that happened with me couple of days back!!!


  1. Nice incident bro. I don't have to guess who raj is btw. ;). so spreading love there too?

  2. how did u guess that Zabi??? LOL

    thnx for visiting!!!

  3. Hey .. nice start .. even I guessed that guy ...
    I am waiting for next post ...

  4. hey bhavna...
    thnx..but u know what ..the wait's gonna b a bit longer...coz i don know when will i write sumthing like this again....

  5. haan sal mein aise mauke ek hi baar aate hai :P

  6. i seriously agree on that bhavna....moments like this happens only once.


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