Thursday, April 2


Why is the dead today alive?
Why the colour changed to black from white?
Why did “my land” became “my country”?
Why have I become my own enemy?
Why is the heart full of hate?
Why do I kill my very own mate?
Why every time seen become unseen?
And injustice there’s ever been.
Is it an end of the beginning, or
Is it the beginning of the end?
Whatsoever may be?
This is definitely the “DAWN OF THE DEAD”.


  1. Dark!
    Why in the world Rahul ?? !!

  2. i just have one word "GOTHIC"


    when u said poem..i expected rainbows and butterflies.. :(

    Neverthless rahul, its well written and rhymed totally contradicting everything u are!

  3. Nice poem....but very sad....what happened to u..It doesnt seem like u've gone to SA...or is it d real AFRICA?????

  4. But indeed nicely written....
    another line to add,
    Why did you create this piece the other day?


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