Thursday, April 2

Casino Royale : 007 to 700

The licence to kill, 007, turned out to be a lethal, self destructive, self killer permit last Saturday night when I lost 700 Rands (close to 3500 INR) playing on roulette table in Montecasino that ugly night.

The night picked up slowly for me. After 5 pegs of BARTRAMS brandy at friend’s place, I, Vijay, Rama, Bala and Ramesh decided to hit the royal montecasino to dig some luck. I was preoccupied with something else besides just trying my luck on the game of numbers v/s luck v/s money. I wanted to eject out all the agitation, anger I had within me past few days. And, the only way I could abstain myself from the self inflicting frustration was by spinning the ball on the roulette table.

Rama left an open caveat in the house that none should gamble with anything less than 200 bucks in pocket. Anyways, I had plans to play with more than what he demanded. So the ball spun for the very first time for all of us in the house. Suddenly, Ramesh backed out as he had no plans to drain away his money trying to play with numbers where the probability of getting a number is 1 out of 36. Fair enough.

I exchanged 200 rands for 2 black chips and invested each of them on the black box and 18-36 range. Well, that was it; the adrenaline shot with some guzzle noise once the ball started rolling and till it freezed on some number. My eyes were revolving around the white ball, till it didn’t come to a halt. Imagine one could see the white ball’s reflection in my eyes. It stopped on some black number other than what I predicted. But, you call it half luck or psyche; I won an extra black chip out of it. So my 200 became 300 in a jiffy. I was already in love with this game. I kept 1 chip in my pocket and banked the remaining 2 chips on black and 3rd section boxes each. No surprises, it fetched me another 100 as gain. I was in air. I felt like I’ve mastered the game. In less than 20 minutes, out of 200 rands I made an extra 200 bucks. Ramesh asked me to stop here otherwise I gonna lose all my money this time. But for me the buck didn’t stop here. With 2 chips in my pocket, I invested the remaining 2 in the next game. Wished if Ramesh would have been so good in predicting what numbers gonna come this time other than predicting my “FATE” this time, because, I lost all my 200 rands in the third game. It looked as if the ball snatched away my money stealthily. Within myself, I was cursing Ramesh with best of both the worlds’ abusive stuff for the wrong forecasting. So I was back to square one situation. The big white ball’s reflection in my eyes was washed away with bigger water droplets. But I didn’t lose the hope. I took out the remaining 2 chips I had and tapped it on the same numbers I played in the last game. To my surprise, the floor felt like slipping beneath my feet. I lost the last 200 I had with me. The final 200 Rands was burnt to flames in no time.

Before I could play another game, I decided to change the table and my accomplice. I sent Ramesh far-off, nowhere in my vicinity.

It’s so confusing sometime, you see people playing, putting their money on a number out of fluke, mathematic calculations or out of luck, whatever, but still winning the game in the end. I played all the games counting on my luck and based on the pattern of numbers obtained in last few games. Finally I decided to invest another 300 for 3 black chips on range of numbers. I had no idea what mathematical formulas I developed in my already numb brain, but it was definitely a mixture of probability, luck factor, flukiness and maths with continuous liquor feeding to all the veins in my body, I actually developed an equation in the brain itself which can go through any kind of flame test as I was pretty sure it’ll always give a profitable results end of the day. So a little bit of thinking, setting all the numbers in this so called hypothetical equation, I invested my 3 chips, this time again on a range of numbers. The ball started rolling. Every round covered by the ball started lengthening my heartbeat. And the moment the ball slowed down and started looking for a number to house itself, my heart was pounding like wanted to come out of the body and my balls stuck right in my throat. The formula back fired and I lost everything. The ball stopped at a number which was no way near my predicted ranges. I was DEAD silent like a dead dead. I decided to quit. I went out and grabbed a seat. The waitress came and served me with complimentary beer. Then she got 1 more beer for me. Before she could flood me with the third one, I squirted myself inside the royal casino to check out how my friends are doing.
The scene there was more painful and sad, as if we've come to a demise. Bala, after losing 500 left for home with Ramesh. Vijay and Rama had lost 1000 and 2500 respectively. So my 500 loss was very meagre in front of their losses. This boasted my morale and I decided to invest 200 more for the last time. I guess I was foolish enough to invest again this time.

No more calculations or thinking, I randomly picked up 2 ranges and invested 2 black chips on it. The ball rolled for the last time. My eyes were popping out of the shell to keep a close watch on what number the ball stops. But to my dismay, I lost this time too. I lost the last penny I had, which I gambled for pursuit of my ultimate happiness. Remembering the thought that I lost 700 rands felt like as a truck ran over me. I decided to keep silent and bury this secret within my heart.
I left from their as a loser and promised myself, I gonna hit this place again very soon and will recover all the losses I made tonight.

Good night.

Caution: Playing in CASINO is injurious to the health of your wallet!!!


  1. I left from their as a loser and promised myself, I gonna hit this place again very soon and will recover all the losses I made tonight.

    :-o hope u dont do that dumboo

  2. Rahul,i second to nan on that...

    have u seen this muvi 21, ur narrative was almost like that with all the chipping,cursing,probability and the slow motion rolling and all that..except that guy in the muvi was a clever dude..hehe...

    As they say, The safest way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket.....agree?!?!?!

    And, welcome back to bloggin! :D

  3. Playing in CASINO is injurious to the health of your wallet!!!

    i don' agree beere..

    1 day doesn't decide the things..
    keep on trying for 6-7 time u wil be in profit...
    NUmber game haii .... aur apne number galat nahi hotte...

    baniye hai bhaiii .. sharam karr


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