Wednesday, February 11

The Journey Begins

Day 2

Sunday, Morning 09:30, 9th feb 2009


09:30 hours was actually 13:00 hours back in India. Least expected, my mobile buzzed off as my colleague tried reaching me for 5th time continuous. I lifted my head and stretched my hands to grab the watch. The intersecting hands, struck afternoon’s 1 on my analogue watch, just in time to send sinusoidal waves in my head. But, soon I realized my first jet-lag was set in. But, instead, the pleasant South African morning did away all my time trail.

I got ready in no minute as my bosses were waiting for me to go for the site seeing. We were on the road once again. I saw the best of 2 and 4 wheelers guzzling on highways and roads with minimum average velocity of 120 kmph. Man that was stealthy. the best of car brands were in the house. You name it, SA has it. Every second car in South Africa is Volkswagen and every third car is either BMW or Nissan or the mini coopers and Renaults or the Mercedes. I won’t be surprised if someone says me that South Africa is the biggest importer of IVY LEAGUE cars in the world. Ducati, BMW bikes were the hot favorites after the Hondas and the ninjas. Well, the startling fact was India’s rich class car, Volkswagen, was actually the common man’s vehicle and the only indian brand running on African roads is TATA. Anyway, moving ahead both in car and in the post, we reached MACKRO supermarket. I did some window shopping and moved to SPA grocery store, a big big store on M1 high downtown. Once done, we moved to 1 of my colleague’s (Bala’s) apartments in MORNINGSIDE VILLAGE. Chicken was prepared at home on the grills with rice and dal. Pre-lunch, offcourse, a unanimous “hi 5” decision was made to wet our throats with “VAT 69” whiskey. Post lunch, I checked my mail at Bala’s place. My eyes went on a mail from a friend back home which made me miss that person the most. I immediately replied back and went numb with a feel of missing someone. I relaxed my ass for some time in the room and tried “Absolute Stock” beer.

Evening everybody planned to go to a casino but my roommate Krishna insisted me to stay back. I met his friend Praxi a.k.a Prakashni (a durbanite) and 3 of us got on to the road for a long drive in the windy weather. We moved across the Sandton city driving at 140 kmph, crossing Gordon road on M1 national highway in Jo’burg and dropped in at YoSushi to catch something for dinner. To my surprise, the meals were supposed to be eaten by chopsticks. I felt awkward as well as humiliated with the fact of creating a fool out of my ass among other guys. But they were supportive enough to teach me how to eat with sticks and ordered a “Black Cobra” beer for me. I enjoyed eating yo’s sushis. We circled around the city for some more time before night’s 11.

Finally, I dropped into my apartments and zoomed right into the bed, i was thinking about my second day's progress report when suddenly something hit me. Did I miss anything? Well, yeah, not the places but I did miss someone tonight…

good night!!!
C ya tomo..


  1. :)
    Am happy for you Rahul :)

    x-( -> envy again :P

  2. hey bro! so its not only drinks tht is intoxicating! luxury cars n bikes...a long drive in the windy weather...n thinking abt ur 'someone' u an experience in itself!!!

    btw, South African Diaries remind me of the Nat-geo n discovery documentaries i watched longgggg back..dude don't give a miss to the Paul Kruger National park Safari before u return(every nature lovers dream - its on my list of places to visit..),...getting to see African Elephants n'd love to be ter once!do check it out..envy u for tht more thn the booze n car-rides!

  3. @nan

    thnx again..and thnx for envying again!!! :-)


    hey thnx bro...yeah surely i'll extract go and explore the natural scenaries...
    m already in luv with th country..

  4. hey rahul!

    Apologies for the late comment!!!
    courtesy: Satyam network is getting worse by the day!!

    Guess wat,I learnt another brand of beer/wine "Black Cobra" "VAT69" and
    Heineken from ur previous post!!! hehehe... :D :D....Looking forward for more rahul!

    Anyways, did u say u had sushi's??
    How was it?.fishy??

    Talking abt locomotion, yes...I've seen a ducati only in a picture!!! Yes..india is 20 years behind as u said!!! :((

    Hey, next time post some pics of places u visit...sad, u dont have anoop with you to click :((

  5. hey Kavitha..

    no issues!!!

    i can understand this satyam internet thingy..i myself don use anythin of satyam except the

    u know what..m xperiencin everythin ive ever wished to happen in my life in joberg..

    ive made this target to hit 100 different alcohol brand before i step down to india..hehe

    and guess bikes r pretty cheap compared in i mite bank on sum mini cooper before landin to india..lets c..kidding

    the worst part is i don hav a camera here to capture anything.. :-( wished anoop was savior..

  6. hehe..anoop being talked about.!
    am reaady to be ur official photog ter bro.., just arrange a visiting visa ASAP n some dollar$;)
    //to hit 100 different alcohol brand before...// hey n make it a 101 brands rahul, wil start a blog titled ~my 101 think of a name!
    and btw, buy a camera if its cheap ter n get clicking.., like kavitha mentioned, post pics along with ur South african diaries..tht wud be gr8!

  7. Hey this is Gowri shankar, a friend of @noop. I happend to see ur name in his blog and thought of checkin out ur blog.I just read ur j'burg post. Good One mate. If possible check out the Wanderers as well...

  8. @ anoop

    yeah bro...gotta buy 1 digi cam sooner than's just that m not able to support as of now my very own personal buyin electronic things..can wait fr sum more time!!!


    thnx for dropping by..yeah anoop was my room mate and is my friend now..
    point noted..i'll watch out this place coming weeks..thnx once again...


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