Saturday, January 3

An Unfinished Life

The best thing after watching a movie, reading a novel or doing anything creative is is to write about it on the blog. It rarely so happens when I write movie reviews twice in a row but let’s hope that the next blog do not turn out to be a hat trick for me.

Sometimes it makes me wonder why do we miss movies during their time of release and watch them later once they are archived in the history. And sometimes it so happen, classics fizz away unnoticed.

Well, 2009 is slowing proving for me as the year to watch the best of the reel stories on the virtual screen and publish my reviews about the same here on my online public dairy. So, hold on guys, tonight I bring you my viewpoint about the classic movie “An Unfinished life”.

Seeing the heavy star cast itself prompted me to declare this movie as NUMERO UNO among all 2005 released flicks. What more you demand from the movie which has veteran actor Robert Redford along with Morgan Freeman and JLO together under one roof. Am sure, the first day of the movie release would have definitely raised critic’s eyebrows and made viewers go gaga.

Directed by a Swedish, Lasse Hallstrom, movie says a lot about unfinished lives of almost all the main lead roles of the movie. Robert Redford plays a role of a father who lives alone in a ranch who lost his son in a car accident thanks to his daughter in law’s reckless car driving and now he misses all the fun time that he could have had with his son if he would have been alive today. JLO along with her daughter comes back to stay with Redford in his ranch without his approval. Robert finds his son in his granddaughter while JLO does everything to convince her father in law about her innocence in the accident. Morgan Freeman has his own story as a bed ridden neighbour of Robert who was attacked by a wild bear while trying to save a calf from the clutches of the wild bear. The tomb of Robert’s son has embarked “An Unfinished Life” which gets completed when everything resonates synchronously with Robert accepting JLO’s innocence and forgiving her and Morgan Freeman freeing the wild beast from the zoo.

A must watch movie. I’ll give nothing less than 9 out of 10 for the movie.


  1. Ur new year seems to be movies n movies...n well wriiten movie reviews:)
    n if todays n tomors movie plan go as planned ..i guess i can expect a review of New movies too!

    //why do we miss movies during their time of release and watch them later once they are archived in the history. And sometimes it so happen, classics fizz away unnoticed// thats unfinished lives da..!
    hey n just rememberd this Jhon Lennon quote:"Life is what happens when we are busy making plans to live"(not the exact words..)
    ~anoop erakkil~

  2. yeah buddy, high time i guess...i shd change my blog to a movie review blog this yr...lolz

    hey, sorry, u asked for the copy...but ive seen this on my bro's lappy in hometown...

  3. yeah kavitha....may be a newer version of my blogging a movie reviewer

  4. Hey man,
    how abt writing a blog on Tamil Ghajini.. no doubt u liked it more than ur previous 2 flicks 'n might b wishing that u had come to TN 3 years back at the realease of the movie... ;)

  5. yeah Sehgal..that's what i had it in my mind to write a review abt tamil ghajjni..but now what am thinking y not compare the 2 versions of the movie with MEMENTO which includes review of MEMENTO even...what say


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