Thursday, January 8

Transform Together

The poem is written with intentions to support and motivate every member of Satyam family and to hope, one day, the company will again rise to newer heights and the show will continue with the same magnanimity as it has continued in the past for 20 years.

A dialogue from the movie 300, "They were 300 men, against a million!". Here we are 50k against the entire world. Let's re-write history to create another feat of Spartans on the Persians.

No matter how deep we fall,
No matter how great was the wall.
No matter how high the pain,
But, a true leader, one day will rise again.

Let’s hope against hope,
Not dither away from scope.
Everyone makes mistakes,
But not everyone’s a pope.

Be the captain to save the ship,
No matter how high is the tide,
Let’s save the boat from the mightiest flip,

The morale is down, but not the SPIRIT,
Let’s TRANSFORM TOGETHER, not separately, but with IT.
What was yesterday, it won’t be the same tomorrow,
So focus today, focus now, to cease future’s sorrow.

I, take a pledge, I won’t quit,
What so may come, I will not let the wall split,
I promise not much, but I promise this a bit!

P.S: All thoughts and reflections are welcome!!!


  1. rahul...thats the spirit da!way to go..
    remember this poem na
    //When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
    When the road you're trudging seems all uphill,......
    So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit -
    It's when things seem worst that you must not quit.//
    march on!

  2. //What was yesterday, it won’t be the same tomorrow,
    So focus today, focus now, to cease future’s sorrow.
    I, take a pledge, I won’t quit,//
    well versed words..!
    n was reading in the papers wht Narayanmurhty said..'we must be willing to go that extra mile', rather than sitting and waiting for time to heal!

  3. yeah anoop, i had this "don quit" poem in my mind when i was writing this piece. my poem is not even 1% of the classic poem..

    but, its just that wannit to motivate all within satyam as well outside, that, one shd never panic no matter how worse the things r..

    i hope i send out the rght meg thru this poem..

  4. never ever expected this from infosys....

  5. Hats Off Rahul. We need such positive motivation in times of crisis like these !!!!

  6. thats the spirit.We all should be one this time.And should do whatever we can do for our company.

  7. @ Vikram,

    thanku and u know what sir, we definitely are going to steer the satyam boat to a safe harbour...

    @ Ammonymous

    as i said the spirit of being satyam is till there, let's just put ourselves together one last time prove it to the matter what v not gonna bow our heads in front of any1...

    @ Abhishek

    thanks bro..for everything..

  8. hey thru this blog, i just wannit to say thanks to my very special friend DEY SOUVIK..without him..this poem would not have been possible...

    thnx dude...thnx for ur support

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. thats the spirit man,, gud to c ur mail in hard times of satyam.., i pray n i wish satyam comes out of the crisis situation as soon as possible..

  11. :)
    dis is not the Rahul who had a chat wid me sterday

    the write is too gud
    awesome is the word

  12. @ praby

    lets hope the same bro

    @ Nan

    yeah nandhni..i guess it may be the nostalgia of being with the company for so long and then see it running for covers...actually made me write this poem...

  13. i like this one. very inspiring. :)

  14. thnx kikit..seems it inspires every1 around...both linked and non-linked to the company..

  15. yeah 50k of us against the world!!!

    Well Put....

    We will show the nation, that we are not a sinking ship but a ship in storm, afterall thats wat ships are built for,..They say "Look for the rainbow in every storm" , and we as satyamites have always and will be proud of what we are. For all those loose tongued gentlemen calling themselves pioneers of IT,talking amok with words under their stature,Its hightime they grow up! we are shaken, but we are not broken!...

    Remember,Might of Satyam is every Satyamite!

  16. well said Kavitha..better then my post's disclaimer even..hehe

    and hey, thnx for coming bak...

  17. sahi hai rahul....very nice poem...truly in the need of the hour...
    hope the company revives up at the earliest...

  18. haan raghav..let's HOPE..coz that's the only thing v can and have on our side..


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