Thursday, January 15

Thank You for : "No Smoking"

No Smoking:
A movie about a rich, arrogant chain smoker whose well wisher advises him in vain to stop smoking but not before his girl friend decides to leave him if he does not give up smoking. He decides to go to “THE LABORATORY(prayogshaala)” (a rehab centre for salvation from smoking).

The rehab centre has 3 main rules for smoke addicts as a “QUID PRO QUO” to their puffing. If you smoke, the centre will:

1. Almost kill your loved ones.
2. Will cut your finger. And finally, if you still don’t quit;
3. Kill your loved ones.

Now, if K(John Ibrahim) takes even one puff of cigarette again, not only he’ll be charged the rehab fees but will also have to face the consequences of the 3 golden rules.

The movie takes a u turn when K finds it hard to quit smoking. Every cigarette of his will act as an unsaid “yes” to rule 1 followed by 2 and 3. He tries to smoke when none’s watching but to no avail. He’s being followed everywhere. His life no longer remains his own. A labyrinth of life puzzles surrounds him like the unstoppable rehabilitation from which there’s no escape.

Guys, If you wanna know more about as to what happens next, better say “No to smoking but not to movie

A critically acclaimed movie but didn’t do well at the box office. Anurag Kashyp’s made a pure Hollywood branded stuff with shots taken in Indian slums and Russia. A slow, serious movie with exceptional performances from Paresh Rawal and John Ibrahim.

A movie definitely for the nerds, for the psychos, who’ll start smoking instead of quitting after watching it. I’ll give 10/10 to anurag for the script and for the screenplay.

P.S.: Watch ”Pan’s Labyrinth” to understand how life maze works.

Thank you for Smoking:
A comedy drama about a lobbyist whose main job is to encourage smoking among youngsters by convincing them about its harmless effects. His idea is ask oneself, to judge as to what is harmful, harmless for you. What may be wrong for the society may not be wrong for you. “ if your mamma says, chocolates are bad, will you take it up??”, ask Nick (the lobbyist) to school children. Similarly one cannot abstain from smoking till you find out its pros and cons. “So, the future of America, bend the rules and start smoking”.

Nick turns out to be a hero in his son’s eyes, but on the job, he finds many including the US senator who envies him and his message to encourage smoking among kids. When asked as to why he spreads the wrong message, he’s got one answer for all, “everything is mortgaged!!!”.

A critically acclaimed movie again which got mixed response commercially. A must watch for all the youngsters, who wants to learn, how can cigarettes save someone from dying.

A dialogue from the movie, when doc says to Nick, “smoking cigarette just saved you, otherwise you would have been a dead man today”

My take 9/10.


  1. aha;)
    the contrast in the movies being brot out beautifully
    applause !
    for ur social concern ?! ?! :P

  2. thanku nandhni, but u must watch the movies to understand the extremity of both the themes and their characters..

    haha, i don give a damn abt the social concern thing..

  3. cool idea to review 'no smoking' and 'thankyou for smoking' together! well written post...wil be catching up with the movies sooon!
    and btw, how about taking a puff the next time we go out for 'chai'?!

  4. thnx but no more puffing thing..ive already left it long bak.. :)

  5. Hi rahul,
    Thanks for ur comment:-)
    nice to read ur post...
    gud info....
    i would like to share my link with ur blog.

  6. thnx ZG..for dropping by..and thnx for th post and link...

  7. buddie...I have not seen the second movie but, the first one i did not quite understand. climax is still a puzzle to me. but ur description is interesting and also the difference between both the movies.

  8. yeah zabi..i took the pain to watch movie for 5th time and then i understood the concept..but that too in a partial sense...

    it's more of solving the life puzzle...hey, u wanna understand this better go for PAN'S LABYRINTH frst...and then try out "NO SMOKING"

  9. Hey rahul..Way to go dude, ur just getting better by the review...

    //1. Almost kill your loved ones.
    2. Will cut your finger. And finally, if you still don’t quit;
    3. Kill your loved ones.//

    hey, wat is this movie, sequel to the SAW,I shud definitely watch this one!!!! :D

    just a small suggestion,if i may... try to bring in the people behind the scenes like the directors ur next muvi review..I guess that wud educate the mass alot..esp, the ignorant ones like me! ;) keep rocking!

  10. yeah kavitha..a must for nerds like us..who loves to shoot our adrenaline's like anything..seeing bloodshed all around...def. a must ..

    hey, i mentioned in the blog, the director's name..u must have missed out on that..

    still, point accepted..will take care next time..

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  12. I vividly remember the day when we watched this movie in Hostel. I must say that it requires 5,6 cigarettes to complete the movie and still left us exhausted and confused.


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