Tuesday, January 6

Chandigarh to Chennai

It was a month of December when I started my journey from my native place, Chandigarh to my working place, Chennai. No wonder, the five inch difference between the two places on the map will actually take 12 hours of traveling for me. I started from Chandigarh at 10 in the evening on third-last day of the year when it was freezing zero degrees Celsius outside. The only thing missing to prove the icing temperatures was...it wasn’t snowing! Searching for a rickshaw puller at an hour when the probability of seeing a stray dog even is bleak, I walked, alone, with the bag on my shoulder, hoping against the hope to find someone to deport me to the bus stand. A walk further, I saw a locked tricycle on the stands’ with the owner sleeping next to it, all cuddled up in a trampled shawl with the half slept stray dog on a night watch duty. I decided to move ahead without disturbing either of theirs naked sleep. Few yards ahead, I saw a rickshaw puller, riding, on the opposite side of the two way road. I waved to get noticed and shouted with a shrill voice as if someone’s kept ice cubes in my throat. That must have been the only sound that must have traveled to his ears other then the guzzling of the winds through the leaves. He halted, charged me the heftiest amount a rickshaw puller can extract (thanks to the condensing temperatures) and couriered me to the bus stand in no time.

I seated myself to the comforts of a semi deluxe bus, scheduled to depart for ISBT, Delhi at 11. The non stop conduit started the journey once every seat was sold. Doom prevailed all over. The only thing visible was the streaky traffic tubes flashing an ambush from the opposite side. The fog got so thick that except the driver none could figure out even an iota difference on what lane the bus was moving.

By the time I reached Delhi, dusk made way for the dawn. Delhi, least expected, but, proved to be cooler then Chandigarh. Miniscule water drops created a white blanket on the wild grass. I took out the last-minute shawl mom gave and covered myself from top till toe. Guzzling winds urged me to look for a tea stall nearby. Hot cup of tea proved as a blessing for the hard hit soul. I soon remembered a quote from Oscar Wilde, “What seems to us bitter trials are often blessings in disguise”. I finally took a CNG local bus from the stands to IG Airport. It took another one hour to reach the destined point.

At 7, when the sun was out and pouring its light yellow streaks on my part of earth, I felt a sigh of relief. After a brief check-in bustle at the air-station, I gathered my exhausted body covered in winter wear and got into the plane. The artificial bird took a detour via Hyderabad to Chennai. I compensated three hours of the journey with last night’s lost sleep. The moment I landed in Chennai, the desirable and wanted, yet-so-likely sun in Delhi turned out to be an unwanted, undesirable, not-so-likely ball of hot fire in Chennai. I, without any thoughts, threw away the winter wear before someone gets a chance to ridicule me.

A 12 hour journey came as a soul stirring experience as I moved from the freezing climates to the blistering temperatures. An inch’s difference on the map turned out to be a thousand miles journey from shivers to heat strokes.

Definitely, un voyage pour se rappeler!!! (a journey to remember!!!)


  1. voyage pour se rappeler!!!

    hmmm ;) the pleasure of a travel lies in gettin exhausted after reaching the destination :P

  2. yeah true nandhni, but sometimes it gets real painful when u realize u've been traveling for hours changing modes of travel again and again. the enjoyable journey just turns too hectic to be overcome by later pleasure.

  3. From Chandigarh to Chennai~destiny da!
    anyways descriptively written..!

  4. na i wont call it destiny...i screwed up...that's y am here today..so very down...in south...1000s miles away from home...

  5. hehe...oh..well whn we triumph i think we can call it 'destiny'
    When we screwed up lets call it 'fate'!!!
    anyways.."pain is inevitable - suffering is optional", so cherish the blessings in disguise!

  6. yeah, it's fate not destiny that am here..and pain gives birth to sufferings which screws life further..so it's fate again..

    am i talking abt a deadlock:

    screwing up->fate->sufferings->pain->screwed up again..

    anywayz, v r not discussing the pains from destiny/fate but of traveling...hehe

  7. thnx Shrinidhi..for dropping by..

    i would say, am just 1% of what u write in your blogs


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