Friday, January 2

The Cinderella Man

“Hey, wassup, any plans of what next as you’ve almost run out of work at home as well like in office?,” came a sarcastic question from my roommate. I, gasping for words from the mouth, thought of one good thing I did in 2K8 to save my ass in future from these kind of annoying questions. And, the good thing was, I bought a laptop to not only to safeguard myself but to kill time when am completely jobless or idle-ohlic.

Sitting idle for too long and waiting for someone to bail me out of this situation, I questioned myself and remembered the very infamous statement that says, “god help those who help themselves”. I took out the laptop from the bag and started exploring the folders I last created. It came off as a surprise when I found a treasure of around dozen unwatched Hollywood movies I missed out previously. I felt elated as my laptop came as a rescuer for me in my bad times.

To pick one from the best was a tough job but I settled on to the fact that no matter what I pick, one day I would have watched all of them. So tonight I review a movie which once again proved as a virtual retreat for me at the start of the year.

Cinderella Man:

Mae Braddock: “Maybe I understand, some, about having to fight. So you just remember who you are... you're the Bulldog of Bergen, and the Pride of New Jersey, you're everybody's hope, and the kids' hero, and you are the champion of my heart, James J. Braddock.”

Listen to these hard hitting dialogues said by Mae (Renee Zellweger) to Jim (Russell Crowe) before the final boxing match. It sounded so powerful when she says this, with trust as well as fear in the eyes for her husband as she might not see him alive after this.

Based on a true story of the legendary heavyweight boxing champion, Jim Braddock, Russell and Renee did a onetime classic role in this drama movie together. Both out performed each other. No matter whatsoever roles comes this gladiator’s way, he gonna prove it to his audience, that he’s best among the best. After a long time, I watched a classic flick like this.

Story of a boxer, a family man, a humble father, an honest guy, who breaks his hand in one of the boxing match and decides to retire from the arena during the great depression of the late 30’s. He does menial job to earn bread for the family and then decides to come back and put on the gloves to knockout every contender he faces. And he does it in style. And soon, the Americans as well as I, finds in him, a benchmark example to come out of the great depression America has ever faced in the same way as he does in his comeback by winning all the matches irrespective of the broken hand and injuries.

The second half of the movie definitely raised my heart beat from normal to frenzy. Every punch shot, in the movie, raised me from the seat as if some spring was kept beneath it which automatically pounces once Jim raises a punch to hit his opponent, Max Baer (played by Craig Bierko) in the movie. It was as if I was watching a live boxing match with full support for Jim to win it not only for himself but for the family and every common man in New Jersey. Truly, this classic deserved to be titled as a “Cinderella Man”.

A must watch masterpiece which deserves nothing less than 10/10.


  1. really an inspiring story..well adapted on screen!
    u know we hav watched Sly Stallone's rocky n been inspired for long...
    but watching "The Cinderella Man" n knowing tht this is a REAL HERO being portrayed here..its really awe inspiring..!

  2. yeah rght anoop, dunno y but as many times i watch this movie i feel like watching it again..truely an epic movie..Russell has acted so brilliantly(as always) in TCM that i just cant imagine how the real character James Braddock, would have been in real life. the movie almost looked a reality to me. never looked as a drame to me.

    yeah, Rocky was cool but looked more of like staged thing (a high time classic action drama) unlike TCM..

  3. hey enlightening review!! njoyed reading it..
    Never watched the movie though,but heard of it alot..
    Do,gimme a copy of it.. ;) like u've promised for other many other movies ;) busy bee!

  4. Am searching for the torrent link ;)

  5. nandhni...u searchin for th torrent on my blog??? lol...

    check out ur gmail... i've sent u the torrent file. just add this to ur torrent downloader..whatsoever u r utorrent, bitcommet, bit che..etc and start the file...


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