Monday, November 24

The Vodka Lady

Last Sunday night, heavy vodka did set in Monday blues for me today, i was already running late for the eye soaring office with drums stomping their wit out in my 'newly shaved "Michael Scofield" lookalike' head, i felt enormous pain and anxiousness, so i unrolled myself from the sack and stood below the cold shower to alleviate the noise effused by the thundering drums.
But, oh yeah, have i missed something, yeah, forgot to take off my night suit before hitting the shower. It's OK, not my fault, the vodka lady still occupying my mind and body completely and wannit me in such a mess.
The beats did pacified as if some one's playing some slow country songs but the rippling effect wasn't moving out too easily. i figured out, a nausea, a sense of feeling light from the body but heavy on the head was slowly oozing(yuk...sounds similar to boozing...)in. Without any second thoughts to shower any caveat to the (UFO,scaling instruments) kinda noises thumping within my head, i switched on my laptop and played godsmack, iron maiden to wave signals of retaliation. i felt good, hell yeah, real good. i could feel the germs of vodka leaving my body, taking a detour via head and finally moving to the higher world.
Well, what next, got to hit the boring office, but, hey i could not find any suitable shirt to match my hairstyle (yeah...i know...i must be kidding..., how can a shirt be of a match-kind to the hair's design??? but sorry guys, it was not me but the V-lady within me speaking her last but too many wishes). Well, got 1 blue coloured full sleeve AS shirt with light brown LP trousers. Finally, i reached office, relaxed in my workstation, far off from the office' scheduled work, thinking about the nicest feeling one have when the vodka lady touches your lips (HOLD ON GUYS...LOL).

Gosh, gotta go, running late mite...for the work, see you again here this place, writing some more of my close rendezvous' with the vodka lady. c ya


  1. //played godsmack, iron maiden to wave signals of retaliation. i felt good, hell yeah, real good//

    The power of music...makes u feel divine, when ur actually feeling like shit...

    So, when's ur next date with the vodka lady?

  2. whenever is my date...u'll get to know thru my blog....

    and may be this sunday again....suppose to be auspicious...hehehe

  3. great date dude hahahaa, what a date Vodka lady date, wow

  4. hey samir...i would suggest u to even try ur luck with vodka lady feels real good u know....


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