Saturday, November 15

Once In A Blue Moon

Once in a blue moon it so happens when someone least expected does something commendable and is appreciated by all. Once in a blue moon, it so happens when someone does something not for thyself but for humanity. And, Once in a blue moon so happens when INDIA actually lands on moon and waves the national flag from there.
14th Nov'2008 will be recorded in the history of Indian science as the day when India went onto become the elitist among the elites' to be amongst the few who's made its' presence felt on the moon. Yes, believe it or not, India has finally stationed itself on our ubiquitous natural satellite, "The moon".
Friday was selected as the D-Day when ISRO launched MIP(Moon Impact Probe) under the Chandrayan-1 project from Sahrikota. The entire mission was successfully completed within 1.13 mins when the probe left from earth to enter the lunar orbit of the moon and finally crash landed on moon within the same Goldilocks zone. Wow, man, those 1.13 mins of the flight must have given a sudden adrenaline rush to not only to the members of the ISRO club but everyone around the world. The feat must not had enough of coupling effect on the world, but it certainly gave a wake up call to all around.
i read the news on Saturday's TOI's front page which clearly mentioned of India becoming the 5th nation in the world to hit the surface of moon. My eyes were ripped apart as i read through each word again and again in exhilaration.
the feel of Indian flag fluttering in the thundering 0 gravity air of moon gave me goosebumps and sense of patriotism and passion to achieve new heights and left me with a fell of landmark achievement to the world.
Thanks to the real PRESIDENT and Rocket-Man of our country, Mr. Abdul Kalam, who's baby MIP is deported safely on moon. Guys, It was Mr. Kalam's idea to launch the probe on moon. The man certainly has a vision to make India a superpower by 2020. I feel proud for such men for their contributions and for the nation who's given us legends like him.
before i finish the never ending saga of the mammoth achievement, i would like to congratulate every Indian around and in every nook and corner of this world from the bottom of my heart for the grandeur unimagined task.
I thank ISRO and congratulate them with a wish to accomplish more of impossible but possible tasks.
here i leave you guys with some images(click images to view more pics), the first shots sent by ISRO's baby MIP from moon back home to tell about it's safe landing and whereabouts :-)


  1. Rahul is a geek, nerdy scientist boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He's an undercover ISRO agent working as a S/W engg with Satyam!!!! hehe

  2. very funny
    bugs bunny geek veek it in paper and so publsihed it here...anywayz thanks for passingby....

  3. I read it too then... Felt so proud..
    I miss Kalam.. Btw, why dont you also publish that Mr. Kalam's Birthday, October 15th is declared as Student's Day


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