Tuesday, November 25

3 Wet Leaves

July’ 2004: Chandigarh

“Hey, Rahul, It’s raining, you better stay in your room.

Meantime, I’ll prepare a hot cup of tea along with your favorite allu samosas and jalebi I got from market”, the voice came from kitchen.

I nodded my head to send waves of consent as an affirmation to the announcement ignoring the fact that I was in my room and mom in kitchen. I was all very relaxed, sitting comfortably in my bed and looking outside my room’s window opening to the pleasant view of drizzle.

The tranquil Climate encouraged me to stay back till mom gets something to eat.

July’s shower and the leaves’ hustling added peace within me.

“Getup and have tea!!!” she echoed while entering the room.

I sat beside her and enjoyed my cup of tea.

We spoke for a while before we both went silent and started looking out.

She held my hand and wished for life to be as peaceful as the weather today.

I smiled back at her before changing my position.

She smiled back and kissed me on forehead before leaving the room.

I hoped for this moment to stay forever and said it to myself, “this rain shall stay forever.”

July’ 2006: Patiala

“Hey, sweetheart, it’s so very romantic, you and I together, holding hands, enjoying every second of this moment with each falling rain drop” she muttered looking through the class room window.

“Yes and I hope this moment to cease forever!!!” I replied.

“We promised to be like this, loving each other in all time frames”, she added.

It was our first experience, holding hands, watching rain and telepathy was the only medium for our communication.

Neither of us wanted to leave and hoped “for this rain to never to stop”!!!

July’ 2008: Chennai

“Hey, Rahul, it’ you, all alone in this cyclonic weather and storming rain, away from home, here on terrace of your office building, water dripping through your coffee” came the voice from within.

It was louder and clearer then the thundering noise outside.

I was isolated dead being, insane as the rain.

With each sip of water over my coffee, my mind ran across all the wrong decisions I made in life.

I stood nowhere today, almost on the brink of falling thanks to the unexpected, unwanted choices I made in the past.

The darkness surrounded me like the rain water inundating the roads.

None was talking except the guzzling winds in this emphatic rain.

At this moment, I remembered the first few lines of the song from linkin’ Park:

I tried so hard,

But not so far,

In the end,

It just didn’t even matter…

The rain was in no mood to undergo a facelift neither was my life.

I stood silent and wished for just one thing today, “God, please make this rain to stop forever."

Monday, November 24

The Vodka Lady

Last Sunday night, heavy vodka did set in Monday blues for me today, i was already running late for the eye soaring office with drums stomping their wit out in my 'newly shaved "Michael Scofield" lookalike' head, i felt enormous pain and anxiousness, so i unrolled myself from the sack and stood below the cold shower to alleviate the noise effused by the thundering drums.
But, oh yeah, have i missed something, yeah, forgot to take off my night suit before hitting the shower. It's OK, not my fault, the vodka lady still occupying my mind and body completely and wannit me in such a mess.
The beats did pacified as if some one's playing some slow country songs but the rippling effect wasn't moving out too easily. i figured out, a nausea, a sense of feeling light from the body but heavy on the head was slowly oozing(yuk...sounds similar to boozing...)in. Without any second thoughts to shower any caveat to the (UFO,scaling instruments) kinda noises thumping within my head, i switched on my laptop and played godsmack, iron maiden to wave signals of retaliation. i felt good, hell yeah, real good. i could feel the germs of vodka leaving my body, taking a detour via head and finally moving to the higher world.
Well, what next, got to hit the boring office, but, hey i could not find any suitable shirt to match my hairstyle (yeah...i know...i must be kidding..., how can a shirt be of a match-kind to the hair's design??? but sorry guys, it was not me but the V-lady within me speaking her last but too many wishes). Well, got 1 blue coloured full sleeve AS shirt with light brown LP trousers. Finally, i reached office, relaxed in my workstation, far off from the office' scheduled work, thinking about the nicest feeling one have when the vodka lady touches your lips (HOLD ON GUYS...LOL).

Gosh, gotta go, running late mite...for the work, see you again here this place, writing some more of my close rendezvous' with the vodka lady. c ya

Saturday, November 15

Once In A Blue Moon

Once in a blue moon it so happens when someone least expected does something commendable and is appreciated by all. Once in a blue moon, it so happens when someone does something not for thyself but for humanity. And, Once in a blue moon so happens when INDIA actually lands on moon and waves the national flag from there.
14th Nov'2008 will be recorded in the history of Indian science as the day when India went onto become the elitist among the elites' to be amongst the few who's made its' presence felt on the moon. Yes, believe it or not, India has finally stationed itself on our ubiquitous natural satellite, "The moon".
Friday was selected as the D-Day when ISRO launched MIP(Moon Impact Probe) under the Chandrayan-1 project from Sahrikota. The entire mission was successfully completed within 1.13 mins when the probe left from earth to enter the lunar orbit of the moon and finally crash landed on moon within the same Goldilocks zone. Wow, man, those 1.13 mins of the flight must have given a sudden adrenaline rush to not only to the members of the ISRO club but everyone around the world. The feat must not had enough of coupling effect on the world, but it certainly gave a wake up call to all around.
i read the news on Saturday's TOI's front page which clearly mentioned of India becoming the 5th nation in the world to hit the surface of moon. My eyes were ripped apart as i read through each word again and again in exhilaration.
the feel of Indian flag fluttering in the thundering 0 gravity air of moon gave me goosebumps and sense of patriotism and passion to achieve new heights and left me with a fell of landmark achievement to the world.
Thanks to the real PRESIDENT and Rocket-Man of our country, Mr. Abdul Kalam, who's baby MIP is deported safely on moon. Guys, It was Mr. Kalam's idea to launch the probe on moon. The man certainly has a vision to make India a superpower by 2020. I feel proud for such men for their contributions and for the nation who's given us legends like him.
before i finish the never ending saga of the mammoth achievement, i would like to congratulate every Indian around and in every nook and corner of this world from the bottom of my heart for the grandeur unimagined task.
I thank ISRO and congratulate them with a wish to accomplish more of impossible but possible tasks.
here i leave you guys with some images(click images to view more pics), the first shots sent by ISRO's baby MIP from moon back home to tell about it's safe landing and whereabouts :-)

The "Apple Corp" Bite

Ever wondered why a company like Apple Corp has a logo of "slightly eaten apple" as if someone's taken a bite from it on the right and if this is the case, then, who that someone is or may be, is it out of the blue, this sign was discovered???. Well if you have not given a thought to it before then better stick on to this post and read the trivia behind the legacy.

As i was going through the book "the impossible of physics" by Michio Kaku, i budged into the topic on ROBOTS and came to know of a legendary guy named "Allen Turing", one of the greatest scientist of all time and a pioneer in conceptualizing the funda of how computer works and the intricacies involved. Allen invented a "bombe" decoder to decipher the encrypted signals sent by the Nazi's "Enigma" computer during World War II. He was the mastermind behind the success of America in the war. but soon after the war, Allen was found victim for cases of homosexuality and his home was even burglarized. the humiliation aggravated his pain. So one day he decided to end his life by committing suicide. He took an apple and injected it with cyanide and as soon as he ate the first bite, the legendary scientist collapsed.

in order to commemorate the greatest men on earth, Apple Corp declared the logo of their company to be of the same apple that Allen ate in his last supper with the bite on the right of the apple.

So this is how the very omnipotent, the very famous "Apple" symbol came into existence.

and with this, you guys are I.Q'd. chow for now. see you next time with more trivial unexplored facts from history and otherwise.
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