Wednesday, October 1


Joe's Dad was an alcoholic,
he hated Joe the most.
And his step mom,
Never gave him, a "love-toast".

Dad’s thrashing and mom’s rebuke,
made Joe suffer with pain,
But the day he cried,
it always rained!!!

Joe was aggressive,
He took to drug.
marijauna, cocaine smoking all around,
he lost the meaning of HUG.

One dark night, Joe got a gun,
and his hands were wet.
he lifted the metal,
and the trigger was set.

the barrel powered, bang,
a sudden sound of thud,
and Dad laid around,
in a pool of blood.

The whore cried,
And hit the floor,
Joe dropped the barrel,
it slammed the floor.

The cops were called,
He never gave an escape stive.
the only thing he testified,
"I never wanted My dad alive".

On D-day,
before the rope was pulled,
Joe was without pain.
Finally a last drop tripped off his eyes,
and there was no rain.
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