Tuesday, September 30

Xero 2 Hybrid Theory 2 Linkin Park

Listening to the song, "Remember the Name" by "Fort Minor" for the nth time prompted me to google about the band and it's members. and here I publish the mini research i did about the band and its crew.

"Fort Minor" was a project started by Mike Shinoda in 2005.

Mike is an active member of the band Linkin Park. He along with Brad and Rob (all high school pass-outs) started a band named Xero. Frequent tensions and struggling initial days, deprived the band from its first initial success.

A new life was infused when Jeff Blue, David, Joe and Chester joined the band. The band changed their name from Xero to HYBRID THEORY and finally to LINKIN PARK. Mike said the name is kept as LP inorder to pay homeage to Santa Monica's Lincoln Park.

LP launched it's first album with it's former name, "Hybrid Theory" in 1999 with songs "In The End", "Papercut" etc. which became a runaway hit and rest is history.

And before i forget, thank you Kavitha for making me listen this song "Remember the name".

So, you got Eye-Queued (I.Q.'d)

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