Friday, September 19

When Murphy Visited IT

Many times we come across instances when something wrong is about to happen, and no matter how hard we try, none can stop it from happening. This mere statement defines what is known as the Murphy’s Law.
The technical definition of the law says, “if anything can go wrong, it will" or "If there's more than one possible outcome of a job or task, and one of those outcomes will result in disaster or an undesirable consequence, then somebody will do it that way".
Well, I would never buy this theory till I experience it. In fact, seeing the kind of developments that took place in the premises I work, not only convinced but enlightened me to accept the fact that protocols’ are not confined to the books but has practicality in real life instances too. Guys do not take it on the serious note as am just trying to put up situations wherein if given a chance, this law will be nominated as winner for most of the real life scenarios.
Here, I present to you some of the inexperienced but well understood (assorted) facts about our offices’ work culture based on this law:

- If the boss says, am giving you the promotion; Understand it, it’s a caveat, more of a caution then a thing of joy. The promotion is a signal for all the wrong you are about to face and no matter how much you try to escape, you’ll still find the earth moving away from your feet.
If Murphy would have been alive today (if there was any), the law would sound like, “if promotion will be one of the outcome, then the boss will give away all his work to you and will relax to take the credit for the work you accomplished.”

- If the boss says, am giving you the salary hike; mind it, he actually means the provident funds and arrears to which you are already entitled to and give it back to you.

- If the boss says I foresee a new project in a month or so; do not believe him as the month he talk about has more then 365 days in it.

- If the boss says the market is down without looking into your eyes; understand the meaning of the statement as he’s expecting layoffs for few employees.

- If the boss says recruitment is going good; please check the surveys, the hidden meaning is nobody’s interested in joining the company.

- If the boss says, we are in profits; the ‘we’ actually means ‘he’ is in profit.

- If the boss asks why are you on bench (business wait) and without work? Understand the statement as it’s a nail in the coffin. He actually means what the heck u r doing in this company?

- If someday you don’t come to office and your boss finds out that, well, don’t expect anymore worse to happen as it is already the worst that can happen.

- If you are ask your boss for the leave approval and he accepts it; do not feel good for the kind hearted gesture he showed, actually he wants you to work on double shifts to compensate for the vacations you plan to take.

Well, these are some of the facts, more of judgments I figured best describes the law in our work environment. Some of them may not fit perfectly to the definition, but as I said, everything drafted here is more of personalized then generalized opinion.

If you guys have anything more to add on this, all thoughts and reflections are welcome.


  1. woah!!!

    seeing alot of IT related posts!!! Someone's on a roll!!!

    I wanted to write a similar post my self! glad u came up with one!

    Personally,I love Murphy!!!
    And the sweetest thing he's ever said was "Smile tomorrow will be worse".

    Everyone talks about being all positive and optimistic in a crisis situation.To hell with positive thinking.Frankly,speaking thinking positive right now in IT, is like walking blind folded on a high wire but thinking ur walking hand-in-hand with ur lover....It makes me look dumber than i think i am.

    But Murphy bails me out everyday, when i think tomm is gonna be worse..I will try live for the day!!!!I guess there's something pessimistically positive about this. (Or is it positive thinking all over again???)never mind!!

  2. hey Kavitha...that's a lengthiest comment i ever got for ne of the blogs posted....and yeah it's correct....hope/expect for the bad and the worse will enjoii today coz tomo, the worse u r enjoing tofay will also be not there....

  3. hope our boss doesnt see this blog.. :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. haha....yes ranjini i almost forgot that even he has access to internet...neva mind....he knows the truth.....


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