Tuesday, September 2

Pink Anderson+Floyd Council = Pink Floyd

Hey am i sounding greek guys. Well, here's a fact for you all to digest. the band PINK FLOYD has no member with the name Pink Floyd. Infact, Syd Berrett (The Creator of the band) was searching for some name for the band and that's when he found the two blues guitarist's names mentioned on the cover page of Blind Boy Fuller as Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. So he merged the names and came out with PINK FLOYD band as we know it today.

Before this name, the band was famously known as Sigma 6 followed by The Meggadeaths and then The Tea-Set finally followed by Pink Floyd.

So, you got Eye-Queued (I.Q.'d)


  1. Enlightening!

    chk this out,
    the story how GREEN DAY got its name, is that when they dropped out of school to be musicians, their principal said "It'll be a green day in hell before you make anything of yourselves.And voila,Green day topped the billboard charts!


  2. yup....Kavitha.....definitely I.Q'd....and welcome to the club.....pour in with more of such naive things happenein around us all...and unknown to all....

    btw, i did'nt knew abt the greenday name formation happened like this.....

  3. CHUMBAWAMBA - In a band member's dream, he didn't know which door to use in a public toilet because the signs said "Chumba" and "Wamba" instead of "Men" and "Women"

  4. My favo white rapper EMINEM

    His real name is Marshal Mathers, he fancied calling himself M&M, which rolls out as 'EMINEM'.

  5. awesome kavitha....good going but hey wait for me to post some of these trivias......he he


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