Tuesday, September 16


When there is love in the air,
When the peace perfumes everywhere,
He raises the bomb and blasts a place,
And the rests sees the dead with a reddish stare.
When the trust begin to develop,
And the vibe is up,
When the friendship bond is on the verge to strengthen,
It becomes too much for him to resist,
He open fires and spreads the message of enmity through the weapon.
The congenial atmosphere becomes too hard for him to accept,
He loads his gun with vengeance in eyes,
Leaves none and crushes every innocent soul to death.
When he see people worshipping a particular religion,
He kills the god's men in name of holy war as the reason.
He likes to spread hate,
He loves to see the dead.
He enjoys giving all a painful fate,
And prays for his folks safety and blood for the rest ahead.
He has no feelings to hug or touch a soul,
Terror in people's eye is his only goal.
One will not find 'humanity' and 'wisdom' in his dictionary,
The book starts with words like 'sadness' and ends with ubiquitous 'misery'.
He, whosoever is he?
Try as much he possibly can,
But, will never be able to break away this spirit of the COMMON MAN.

P.S: This poem is written with no intentions to hurt anyone's feelings. Everything mentioned in this poem is just a message for the common reader. i wrote this poem out of the bomb blasts happened in delhi, Ahemedabad and Mumbai. i pray to god to bring all those souls who died in blasts to REST IN PEACE.


  1. The book starts with words like 'sadness' and ends with ubiquitous 'misery'.

    Very True lines :)

    Nice poem.. Good..!!

  2. thanks for the comment jayanthi..

  3. rahul the poem truly depicts the nature and effects of terrorism on the lives of "the common man".I really appreciate ur efforts n thoughts poured down in each n every line.

  4. yeah tannu...tryin to reach to th same point thru this post....no extremist can break the spirit if common man of our country....


  5. I'm Really moved,the very thought to come up with a post like this is highly commendable.
    //*"But never be able to break the spirit of the common man"*//--never!

  6. yeah Kavitha...even i was moved once i write...what i would say now a masterpiece...hehehe.....

    but yeah thought of writing something on the ongoing issues in our country...so came out with this....

  7. This is very apt poetry as per today's scenerio...
    kudos rahul for such a commedable work...

  8. thnx once again raghav....nothing's possible without u....my inspiration

  9. After having left the blast site just a few minutes before the bomb actually exploded I was dumbfounded by the news of the blast. Today u put words to the emotions that I had been feeling for so long. A very nice poem which touches the heart directly.
    Pls do keep writing.

  10. hey AW...
    thnx for ur valuable comment...and thnx for appreciatin th poem...yeah th incident touched me too a lot and made me write this poem for the citizens of our country......

  11. God bless all...and save th innocent souls.....RIP the dead ones....

  12. hey rags..

    i guess my fondness towards poetry is in a very nascent stage.. but i hav had the opportunity to read 2 of ur poems.. n i certainly feel.. u have somthin in u.. to even touch n affect people as thickskind as me.. wen it cums to poems.. :-)
    gr8 job..

    this topic i feel is sumthn which we al feel terrible about..but.. i guess most of us.. are.. baffled as to y all dis happens.. n d futility of all such mishappenings..

    newaZ.. gr8 job mate.. keep up d good work..

  13. Well, i must say, the feelings of everyone resonates with what has been penned here by Rahul...
    Gr8 work rahul...

  14. Hey Mahimdxb...

    thnx for the compliment and droppin by....

    i thanku for appreciating my small effort in connectin to th genx vibe, thru this poem...

  15. raghav...all this blog thing and poem stuff would not hav possible without u bro.....

  16. RIP the martyrs and victims of the 26/11 bombay bomb blasts......

  17. You can donate Rs.3/- to the martyr's families of Mumbai terroist attack
    Victims by sending the message SALAAM to 56388. It is an NDTV


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