Monday, September 15

The Butterfly Effecting Our Jobs

Fidel Castro once mentioned, ‘if Olympics have any assassination events, I’ll be a leading gold medalist’.
Well, Mr. Castro, none can deny this statement and all the hardships you’ve gone through and your face-to-face un-serendipitous moments with DEATH. The situation has turned out somewhat similar in today’s IT life too. The only difference is here you are not fired from life but from well secured jobs. Living a life without a job today is considered next to being a zombie. No day passes by when the techies don’t check the newspapers, emails with frozen eyes searching if there is any news in reference to the sacking of the employees done by the employer. These mental harassments not only add to the trauma but aggravate the pain enough to imbalance the mental equilibrium. So no doubt, Mr. Castro, if there’s been any event for being the victim to these every minute tortures, each of us geeks would be the leading gold medalists.
I would call it as the butterfly’s effect in place. Now, the butterfly theory says, ’flap of a butterfly at one location can cause unexpected, unwanted changes in the future in some other location’. The unending slowdown in the US economy is been more of the flutter of the butterfly’s wings which has not only caused mental (and otherwise) havoc but has even made employees vulnerable to insecure jobs in India.
Everyday we move out of our apartments with a thing in mind urging god to abort the recession in the market and secure our hard earned jobs to work in a healthy environment. I sometimes wonder, how good it would have been if there was an insurance policy to secure the jobs even.
Today, the same IT companies which once welcomed us as part of their families during convocations, now shows us their back. Life as a literate labor has turned out more then a thing of survival. As it says, only the fittest will survive and the rest will fall. I foresee, most of us falling then surviving. The ridiculed business waits, we call as ‘BENCH’ has been a big road block in our path of growth. And now it seems as if there’s no halt to this unending painful period for most of the unlucky ones. Most of the guys on bench are asked to attend offices for full nine hours irrespective of that fact that only 3 out of every 5 employees are allotted work stations and rest are absconding within or outside the premises. You meet a fellow geek and feel insecure with the trend resident in your company and gives sarcastic views for its counterparts job security.
The firing axe looms at top of our heads waits for the orders from big honchos to trigger its love for the gravity right through the employee’s neck. The sleeping recession giant is awake and galloping everything. The picture is grotesque. A helpless techie can only pray for this bad phase to end soon and jobs intact with minimum layoffs. Amen!!!


  1. raagg the idea presented is completely in sync with the condition of the so called " benchites", who are being used as an object like use n throw.

  2. raagg the opinion presented reflects the condition of the vast majority of the so called IT professionals. Brilliant presentation.

  3. dude,

    Liked the way u related 2 scenarios....
    even liked the philosphical view of this so called BIGGG I.T. industry... where everybody thinks that its one of the secured job of all times clubbed with the handsome salary.... hence the best field to work in....
    this blog may wake up those fellow sleepers from their deep sleep and will send a message that time & things have changed. so should their perspectives too.. what say????

    AMEN... :)

  4. "As it says, only the fittest will survive and the rest will fall. I foresee, most of us falling then surviving. "

    These 2 lines, says it all....Its the survival of the luckiest!!!!

  5. @ sumit

    yeah right sumit...its time to rise from the dead and look ahead for the future....

  6. yeah kavitha....
    the fittest just turned out to be the luckiest....

  7. This was truly a reflection of what lay beneath the glory of silt, the darkness of rising IT slump and its impact on an individual.
    One can see the plight and quandary within which makes one question, is IT a solution to all problems(sans solution provider) or a beginning to the greater END???

  8. raghav this was exactly i wannit to convey thru the blog...and u made it easier for me thru the comment...thnx

  9. awesome comparison between IT and butterfly effect...good work rahul..

  10. thnx ranjini..for the commet....dint took much to think abt the correlation...he he he

  11. Really liked this post and can relate it with the old days when i joined TCS, some 5 years back.


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