Tuesday, September 30

Xero 2 Hybrid Theory 2 Linkin Park

Listening to the song, "Remember the Name" by "Fort Minor" for the nth time prompted me to google about the band and it's members. and here I publish the mini research i did about the band and its crew.

"Fort Minor" was a project started by Mike Shinoda in 2005.

Mike is an active member of the band Linkin Park. He along with Brad and Rob (all high school pass-outs) started a band named Xero. Frequent tensions and struggling initial days, deprived the band from its first initial success.

A new life was infused when Jeff Blue, David, Joe and Chester joined the band. The band changed their name from Xero to HYBRID THEORY and finally to LINKIN PARK. Mike said the name is kept as LP inorder to pay homeage to Santa Monica's Lincoln Park.

LP launched it's first album with it's former name, "Hybrid Theory" in 1999 with songs "In The End", "Papercut" etc. which became a runaway hit and rest is history.

And before i forget, thank you Kavitha for making me listen this song "Remember the name".

So, you got Eye-Queued (I.Q.'d)

Friday, September 19

When Murphy Visited IT

Many times we come across instances when something wrong is about to happen, and no matter how hard we try, none can stop it from happening. This mere statement defines what is known as the Murphy’s Law.
The technical definition of the law says, “if anything can go wrong, it will" or "If there's more than one possible outcome of a job or task, and one of those outcomes will result in disaster or an undesirable consequence, then somebody will do it that way".
Well, I would never buy this theory till I experience it. In fact, seeing the kind of developments that took place in the premises I work, not only convinced but enlightened me to accept the fact that protocols’ are not confined to the books but has practicality in real life instances too. Guys do not take it on the serious note as am just trying to put up situations wherein if given a chance, this law will be nominated as winner for most of the real life scenarios.
Here, I present to you some of the inexperienced but well understood (assorted) facts about our offices’ work culture based on this law:

- If the boss says, am giving you the promotion; Understand it, it’s a caveat, more of a caution then a thing of joy. The promotion is a signal for all the wrong you are about to face and no matter how much you try to escape, you’ll still find the earth moving away from your feet.
If Murphy would have been alive today (if there was any), the law would sound like, “if promotion will be one of the outcome, then the boss will give away all his work to you and will relax to take the credit for the work you accomplished.”

- If the boss says, am giving you the salary hike; mind it, he actually means the provident funds and arrears to which you are already entitled to and give it back to you.

- If the boss says I foresee a new project in a month or so; do not believe him as the month he talk about has more then 365 days in it.

- If the boss says the market is down without looking into your eyes; understand the meaning of the statement as he’s expecting layoffs for few employees.

- If the boss says recruitment is going good; please check the surveys, the hidden meaning is nobody’s interested in joining the company.

- If the boss says, we are in profits; the ‘we’ actually means ‘he’ is in profit.

- If the boss asks why are you on bench (business wait) and without work? Understand the statement as it’s a nail in the coffin. He actually means what the heck u r doing in this company?

- If someday you don’t come to office and your boss finds out that, well, don’t expect anymore worse to happen as it is already the worst that can happen.

- If you are ask your boss for the leave approval and he accepts it; do not feel good for the kind hearted gesture he showed, actually he wants you to work on double shifts to compensate for the vacations you plan to take.

Well, these are some of the facts, more of judgments I figured best describes the law in our work environment. Some of them may not fit perfectly to the definition, but as I said, everything drafted here is more of personalized then generalized opinion.

If you guys have anything more to add on this, all thoughts and reflections are welcome.

Thursday, September 18

A Wednesday, Tahaan, Aamir, Rock ON Review

The Bollywood Industry has certainly come of age this year. I won’t call it as the Indian cinema as we have multiple film industries running within the country. But, personally speaking, the drought has come to an end with movies like ‘a Wednesday’, ‘Tahaan’, ‘Aamir’ and the biggest blockbuster of the year ‘Rock On’ making mark this September, all thanks to the prodigal/veteran actors and directors.
Movies like Jodha Akbar did its best to rock the box office when the year started. Irrespective of the talented team of Hrithik Roshan, Ashutosh Gowaritkar and Aishwarya Rai, the movie hit itself with the face on the ground. This was enough to fire the recession in Hindi cinema. Hollywood blockbusters and regional movies shot SOS to save the box office. Even a movie buff like me began to lose interest in Hindi movies and took to more creative world of gaming and reading.

Few good clicks and right moves not only moved the movie sensex rocketing sky high in the second half of the year, even I decided to abruptly end this so called cold war with the movies.

So, it turned out a visual treat for me. Here I’m with 4 latest movie reviews from Bollywood which hooked me back to the screen and will definitely hook you too.

Rock On: Alias ‘DIl Chahta Hai – With GUTIARS’. Full marks to Abhishek Kapoor (the director of the movie), Farhan Akhtar (for his acting and singing), Arjun Rampal – for the stunning killer looks and the guy can act too; Purab and Luke Kenny.
You’ve heard Pink Floyd; you’ve loved Iron Maiden, now plug this new Indian rock music in your ears and let the music rule.
If you are a guy like me who love to hit the floor with head bangs and foot stampings, here’s one Indian flick with a complete western makeover ‘Rock On’, India’s first rock movie for you. What should I say about this movie, am speechless, this movie tops all the countdowns, all chartbusters and is rated as best rock movies ever made in the history. Farhan’s singing ‘Sindabad the Sailor’ and other songs left every jaw touch the grounds and made every same insane. Whether it’s the theme or the acting or the music, everything ruled my senses. Passion for rock music and the idea to live your dream made every movie goers watch this movie not twice but thrice. The urban director Farhan took to acting and the struggling actor Abhishek took to direction. The movie simply rocked and I added it to the playlists of greatest rock music makers of this century. My take of the movie 10/10.

A Wednesday: Very rarely on earth you get to see a show which has veteran protagonists like Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah sharing thoughts on one platform together (definitely, a deadly combination like that of Morgan Freeman and Sean Connery together). It’s like icing on the cake. My main idea to watch this movie was to see who outperforms others in it. The truth is just another CLASSIC from the duo. A must watch. It comes up with something that was never told in the history of Indian cinema before as to what happens one Wednesday between 2 to 6’ afternoon. This movie definitely says newbie directors like Neeraj Pandey can even make projects like ‘a Wednesday’. My take is 9/10.

Tahaan: Definitely, a movie made for the children with the subject not at all childish. Tahaan, for me, was an exception from the mainstream cinema, a kind of intelligent work from the usual cinema. I was not expecting much from the movie but on a friend’s advice went for it and came out wandering how big and open in ideas our Hindi cinema has turned out to be.
Story of a boy named ‘Tahaan’ who happens to end up with a grenade in his hand while searching for his lost donkey. A child’s desire to give services on his donkey to finally land up with a bomb in his kitty is a mature subject as per to me. Awesome direction. My take 8/10.

Aamir: I knew I’d gambled when I took the risk of watching a movie which had 2 new profiles put together to convince the viewers. The probability of hitting it big was one out of ten. But Rajeev Khandelwal and Amit Trivedi broke the jinx with the movie ‘Aamir’. They did it and did it in style. A story about a NRI guy who faces the assault, the humiliation because of the name he carried and finally ends in the vicious circle of terrorism and giving up his life as a human bomb to save the public in the bus. Truly a masterpiece. A must watch and listen to few of the songs of it like ‘allah hu hafiz’, the movie just rocked. I would take it as 1 big hit of the year. Rajeev has proved his mettle not only to act on small screen but to play serious roles on big screen too. If you haven’t watched it till now, do not prolong
your feast further, go grab it. My take 9/10.

Looking forward to review movies like ‘ghajjini’, ’golmaal returns’ and ’drona’ as am expecting a lot from them before this year comes to an end.

Tuesday, September 16


When there is love in the air,
When the peace perfumes everywhere,
He raises the bomb and blasts a place,
And the rests sees the dead with a reddish stare.
When the trust begin to develop,
And the vibe is up,
When the friendship bond is on the verge to strengthen,
It becomes too much for him to resist,
He open fires and spreads the message of enmity through the weapon.
The congenial atmosphere becomes too hard for him to accept,
He loads his gun with vengeance in eyes,
Leaves none and crushes every innocent soul to death.
When he see people worshipping a particular religion,
He kills the god's men in name of holy war as the reason.
He likes to spread hate,
He loves to see the dead.
He enjoys giving all a painful fate,
And prays for his folks safety and blood for the rest ahead.
He has no feelings to hug or touch a soul,
Terror in people's eye is his only goal.
One will not find 'humanity' and 'wisdom' in his dictionary,
The book starts with words like 'sadness' and ends with ubiquitous 'misery'.
He, whosoever is he?
Try as much he possibly can,
But, will never be able to break away this spirit of the COMMON MAN.

P.S: This poem is written with no intentions to hurt anyone's feelings. Everything mentioned in this poem is just a message for the common reader. i wrote this poem out of the bomb blasts happened in delhi, Ahemedabad and Mumbai. i pray to god to bring all those souls who died in blasts to REST IN PEACE.

Monday, September 15

The Butterfly Effecting Our Jobs

Fidel Castro once mentioned, ‘if Olympics have any assassination events, I’ll be a leading gold medalist’.
Well, Mr. Castro, none can deny this statement and all the hardships you’ve gone through and your face-to-face un-serendipitous moments with DEATH. The situation has turned out somewhat similar in today’s IT life too. The only difference is here you are not fired from life but from well secured jobs. Living a life without a job today is considered next to being a zombie. No day passes by when the techies don’t check the newspapers, emails with frozen eyes searching if there is any news in reference to the sacking of the employees done by the employer. These mental harassments not only add to the trauma but aggravate the pain enough to imbalance the mental equilibrium. So no doubt, Mr. Castro, if there’s been any event for being the victim to these every minute tortures, each of us geeks would be the leading gold medalists.
I would call it as the butterfly’s effect in place. Now, the butterfly theory says, ’flap of a butterfly at one location can cause unexpected, unwanted changes in the future in some other location’. The unending slowdown in the US economy is been more of the flutter of the butterfly’s wings which has not only caused mental (and otherwise) havoc but has even made employees vulnerable to insecure jobs in India.
Everyday we move out of our apartments with a thing in mind urging god to abort the recession in the market and secure our hard earned jobs to work in a healthy environment. I sometimes wonder, how good it would have been if there was an insurance policy to secure the jobs even.
Today, the same IT companies which once welcomed us as part of their families during convocations, now shows us their back. Life as a literate labor has turned out more then a thing of survival. As it says, only the fittest will survive and the rest will fall. I foresee, most of us falling then surviving. The ridiculed business waits, we call as ‘BENCH’ has been a big road block in our path of growth. And now it seems as if there’s no halt to this unending painful period for most of the unlucky ones. Most of the guys on bench are asked to attend offices for full nine hours irrespective of that fact that only 3 out of every 5 employees are allotted work stations and rest are absconding within or outside the premises. You meet a fellow geek and feel insecure with the trend resident in your company and gives sarcastic views for its counterparts job security.
The firing axe looms at top of our heads waits for the orders from big honchos to trigger its love for the gravity right through the employee’s neck. The sleeping recession giant is awake and galloping everything. The picture is grotesque. A helpless techie can only pray for this bad phase to end soon and jobs intact with minimum layoffs. Amen!!!

Tuesday, September 2

Pink Anderson+Floyd Council = Pink Floyd

Hey am i sounding greek guys. Well, here's a fact for you all to digest. the band PINK FLOYD has no member with the name Pink Floyd. Infact, Syd Berrett (The Creator of the band) was searching for some name for the band and that's when he found the two blues guitarist's names mentioned on the cover page of Blind Boy Fuller as Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. So he merged the names and came out with PINK FLOYD band as we know it today.

Before this name, the band was famously known as Sigma 6 followed by The Meggadeaths and then The Tea-Set finally followed by Pink Floyd.

So, you got Eye-Queued (I.Q.'d)
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