Monday, August 25

The Kerala Expedition - The final Chapter

So I’ve reached the final chapter of our journey.
We knew it was our last day here in Munnar, so, everybody woke up late to get ready. Nothing new to discover except the hill view of Munnar, we went ahead for the breakfast in a nearby restaurant. The place was overloaded with visitors so we had to wait in queue for our turn to roll. Consuming idly sambar dosa was always a tuff task for me. Saugata, sanket and jaggu had all their fingers soaked with sambar, and why not, they were enjoying the meals. A quick breakfast and we moved ahead for the view of the hill station.
The cab drove uphill and it was no doubt getting chilled every turn up the road. A small visit in the Munnar market followed with a view of few dams and the screaming point (This point was awesome as we all (including Vineet a.k.a jaggu) screamed in unison “JAGGU”. The sound echoed and hit every rock present there. We laughed and rolled all over to experience this and left from the place).
The last place left to visit was now the Top Station, nearly 34 kms. further up. So we marched our feet towards it. Once we reached the top, the first thing we experienced was that, the clouds were beneath us. We nearly touched the white flakes and took infinite snaps of the rare scenic beauty covered completely with white sheet of thick, moist clouds. Rare because you occasionally get a chance to visit such places. We missed our beer bottles in the hill. The heaven was below us. It started drizzling in there and Iris asked to revert back to Munnar before it darkens here coz of clouds and before the elephants block our way down. Guys, here’s a fact, do not make it very late leaving from the Top Station because elephants roll out on the muddy tracks and blocks the way very often.
The return journey went dead silent. Nobody spoke as each one of us could feel the nostalgia happening all over us. It took an hour for us to bag pack and vacate the hotel, and finally we drove off for Coimbatore. Now, Coimbatore from Munnar is 250 kms but it took us 5-6 hours approx. because of tortuous muddy tracks down the hill. The awesomely cool weather drifted away from us as we stepped bit by bit closer to the Coimbatore railway station. The moisture laden heat of Coimbatore was getting all over us. Iris dropped us on the station at around 6 in the evening. We thanked Iris for being such a great guide and driver for our journey and he left off after a while.
None of us knew that the best and the costliest part of the journey is about to hit us in Coimbatore. ‘The Chennai express’ was to arrive at the station at half past 10 in the night so we had around 4 hours to spend in Coimbatore with heavy luggage around. Now, we can’t move places with such a heavy luggage so I offered a suggestion to hit some bar nearby. I knew the best way to time pass, is to hangout in some bar plus enjoy the drinks there. We were lucky enough to have the H2O bar right opposite the station. After the common consensus we moved our tired butts to the bar. Alcohol flowed like water, beer bottles were uncorked, whisky rippled in glasses along with unlimited supply of add-ons. (For all dudes out there, a must visit bar for all those who just love the alcohol’s effect with UNLIMITED (it’s underlined…) snacks...oops, and one more fact, guys, alcohol in kerala (esp. Alleppy and Munnar) is pretty costly with 95% taxation. Better carry your own bottles along or add some more mint in your pockets to avoid road checks…lol). We spent some 2k cash till the clock struck quarter past 9 as we had nothing else to do, no place to go with such a heavy luggage. So we rested our butts at the same joint till it was time. With our lips imbued with nectar and steps playing snakes and ladders, we finally reached the place where our train was stationed for lifting the passengers. As we made ourselves comfortable, a couple chipped in and asked us to get up as it was their seat we occupied. Jaggu confronted on this and with a husky, vibratory sound asked the couple to check their tickets. The guy asked him to check his ticket and then do the talk. After a serious check, we found out that our ticket was booked for the next day’s train and not for tonight. Jaggu tore the ticket furiously and we all made our exit from the entry of the station. Nobody was interested in staying in Coimbatore for a day to catch the next day’s scheduled train.
Mithun Bhaiya suggested to take an over night bus for Chennai from the stand as early as possible. We agreed and ran for the bus stand. Last minutes check in the bus and we were finally on our way to Chennai. Each of us discussed in the down trodden bus how much we waited and spent for this scheduled train journey and everything went wrong. Beer’s effect was all gone and we regretted over the thought of spending 2k bucks in the bar waiting for something which was never there.
To this, there was some more icing on the cake left to be done, the over night bus journey turned out to be a full day journey as the bus touched the Chennai stand at 1 in the afternoon. We were dead by the time we reached our second hometown. Finally, took an auto and drove back home and rested for the whole day.
It was definitely a trip to remember and cherish for a long time. We all will surely miss the boat house, alleppy and Munnar hill stations, the beer bottles and the people there; in condensed terms, the whole of Kerala visited along with the last day’s final mess up happened in Coimbatore.



  1. excellent!!
    Loved the narative!!..makes me wanna plan an expedition to kerala myself!!!

  2. thnx kavitha....i guess this one's th best among all the other kerala blogdive written

  3. I dont remember getting nostalgic while our voyage back from kerala as u mentioned but i could surely feel that now. That place is really GOD's own country. We will definately go there again bro but this time with some GODDESS. hope that wont b a problem 2 u... :-)

  4. definitely....sumit am in for that too.....what a trip a trip without the goddesses around....hehehe

  5. No Journey is completed without chaos.


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