Friday, August 22

The Kerala Expedition Chapter 3

…So the Saga Continues…
We’ve made it to the third day of our excursion. Saturday’s early morning was gleaming brightly with soft cool breeze and light sunbeam permeating right into our cottage. Everyone was ready and upfront to explore the place further. We had around 100 more pics once everyone was ready. First thing we did was, we captured the cottage and its surroundings in our camera. A little search and we perched in a restaurant. The food was good, made out of coconut oil, frankly speaking, was not bad at all. The task on the list today was to cover the Periyar Wildlife sanctuary. We were excited to know that there’ll be rare bird species plus wild animals like elephants, lions, tigers, cheetah’s etc.. So the adventurous feel was all over us, especially Vineet a.k.a jaggu, who actually woke up everyone early in the morning to make it to the sanctuary in time. He didn’t wanted to miss neither a part of it. Neither us. Iris made it on time and our cab paced for the sanctuary after the breakfast.
After a little hassle over the ticket queue, as it was a long one (no doubt as hundred’s of tourists turn here to watch the place everyday), mithun bhaiya and sanket finally managed to buy 6 tickets. Man, the crowd there was amazing, especially the foreigners. The whole world seemed to have come up at one place to enjoy god’s hometown on earth. We were truly in love with Kerala. All of us sat at the corner rock, the place where the boats anchored. After a wait for around an hour, we got a miniscule glimpse of the boat that was suppose to carry hundred’s of people. We sat in pairs as we sit in our state run buses. The boat was as dull as it can be. Quarter of an hour was spent in reaching the place that was aupposed to be densely populated with wild animals. But, to our dismay, we didn’t find even one. Most of the snaps clicked constituted the forests, vegetation and the water running below us. Not even a wild canine was in there. Everyone was trashed. I wandered, our room was way better then this wildlife place as we had beasts like jaggu, Sehgal and me in there. Rest of us ridiculed jaggu for being our domestic elephant (seeing his size) on an excursion to Periyar to find his long lost siblings. After the complete round trip we finally reached the point where we started our expedition. I would say that the wildlife idea was a complete waste as we spent around 4 hours in there without even an iota of look for wild species. We moved and kept moving till we are out of the Periyar boundaries and nobody bothered to looked behind. Iris saw our sad faces and read what was next on the chart. It was an elephant ride. Hooray! But as we reached there, we were almost dumbstruck to know the prices for the ride. Per person they were charging 350 bucks for a 15 min ride. Our jaggu was far better then the elephant as he could have kept us on his back for full day in 350 bucks. No jokes guys. Anyways, we moved on and headed for Munnar. In the middle of our journey, we came accross few waterfalls so we halted at one of them which had the maximum crowd. We jumped out of the cab and raced towards the falling water to have some blurry snaps. White frozen air exhaled gave full competition to the cigarette puffs. The jackets were out. We did found some hot chicks in there enjoying. Further we swayed and finally reached to the 3 star hotel booked for us in Munnar. The dusk had already given way for the night to follow. A quick unpacking and we were on the Munnar roads searching for some eating joints. Unexpectedly, found a gujrati restaurant in the hills. A light dinner and we were back in the room. Sehgal, jaggu and sanket watched “Zamaane ko dikhana hai”, an old classic, on the idiot box and I, mithun bhaiya and saugata enjoyed the views from the balcony of our hotel (our rooms were on the fourth floor so we could see the entire city from there). The clock was about to touch 1 and that’s when we decided to lie on bed and sleep to take some rest. So, this way the third day ended on a much plainer note. And, eventually, the night gave way for the final and fourth day’s dawn.

Pics of the Kerala Trip


  1. My favorite part,

    "our room was way better then this wildlife place"

    good one! :)))

  2. yeah Kavitha....
    u know what....its still the on a light tone ive written this statement...but the true picture is more worse at my place......

  3. this wildlife was nothing interms of my place......i gues animals must have forgotten th real meaning of the word mess....or they must have become more civilized comparison to us hehe

  4. dude,

    this one is far far better than ur previous chapters... even though that whole day was one crap daed piece of s**t but atleast your words have definately put life into that....

    Hoping for the best one yet to come in form of chapter 4. THE DAY IN MUNNAR.
    Eagerly waiting... :)

  5. yeah sumit, will definitely try publish something that'll completely rock this time....


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