Wednesday, August 20

The Kerala Expedition - Chapter 2

...Friday morning, we were back from the land of water, I mean, the boat house in Alleppy and headed for the cottage reserved for us in thekkeri. Everyone was excited because of the start we got for the journey and had eyes glowing with the idea of staying in a cottage in a new place. But before we reach the cottage in thekkeri, en route we visited a waterfall where our very dear Sehgal a.k.a sumit slipped on a wet rock and had a small bruise over his left arm. If Vineet had not saved sehgal’s life then Sehgal would not have been with us today. Thanks Vineet a.k.a jaggu. Although Vineet felt a bit humiliated saving sehgal’s life because all the girls standing there were laughing at us after the sehgal’s fall from the rock, but he didn’t miss the chance to remind Sehgal about the favor he’s done for him by saving his life. Rest of us were repenting throughout the journey for the fact that why did jaggu save sehgal’s life. Anyways, after seeing the waterfall we moved ahead and stopped at a biological garden in the hilly area. Frankly, the road to the top of the station was pretty hilly, curvy, wavy and dangerous.
In the biological garden, the guide charged us 50 per head to show the entire garden full of rare medicinal plants species. Vineet asked for his favorite tree of daal chinni, and kept taking the flame test about the plants to test the guide’s I.Q. From there we moved ahead for the cottage, the dusk was almost set-in, so we decided to have our dinner first and then move towards the cottage. At the dinner table in a south Indian Punjabi restaurant, all of us ordered for the tomato soup initially. Sanket’s soup had a dead fly in it which was enough to trigger the anger in jaggu. He called the waiter and asked him about the soup. The waiter, a small Hindi guy, said,’kabhi kabhi ho jaata hai sir, makhi aa jaati hai (it happens sometime sir, the fly comes in food sometime)’. We were surprised to hear that and all of us charged on him like anything after listening to this statement. Jaggu was pretty excited and was scolding the guy like anything. The waiter later on said, ‘sir, you want to have here, you have, otherwise, you leave, I’ll cancel the order’. Knowing the fact that we are already late and the market closes at 9 in the evening, jaggu immediately geared a new expression on his face and said to the waiter, ‘brother, kabhi kabhi makhi aa jaati hai, fir kya ho gaya (sometimes, it happens with the food, so no big deal)’. Rest of us gave an odd look to jaggu signaling this was the same statement which the waiter made and we were boiling, charging on him, how dare he said like this to us. But now nothing can be done, jaggu had already said the same. We finished our dinner and moved to the much awaited cottage. Everybody unpacked their stuff and had a look of the cottage. It was again an amazing experience to be there. It was freezing out but it was warm and cozy inside. This way the Friday came to an end as we all doze off for the night’s sleep...

Pics of the Kerala Trip

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