Tuesday, August 19

The Kerala Expedition - Chapter 1

After a month's planning, we guys decided to rock our feet for Alleppy and Munnar this august. Sehgal initiated the idea and Mithun did the organizing part of the trip. Me, Sehgal a.k.a Sumit, Vineet a.k.a jaggu, sanket, Mithun Bhaiya and saugata started our journey Wednesday evening at 1900 hours. Late from the usual office work, we were already running behind schedule as the train’s departure was around half past ten and we had 3 hours only for making it to the starting point of our journey along with yet-to-be-done dinner, check-in and the most important of all bag packs. After a last minute mailing to the reporting managers about our leave plans and catching autos to the dinner tables in the railway restaurant and shifting trains, we finally made ourselves comfortable in the compartment of Alleppy Express.
The Doppler’s effect soon dried up as we left the station and our train took off for Ernakulum junction. Spending night in a sleeper class and that too with minimum 2 persons on 1 seat turned out a nightmare for all of us. Nobody slept but acted as if I had the best sleeps of our lives in that compartment. Thursday morning we trespassed pannukam followed by thissur. The journey already turned out to be a hectic one after the last night stand in the train. But everyone was excited about the boat house and the hill side view we were suppose to experience in Alleppy and munnar. So, the pain just dried up.
We reached the junction at 09:30 morning and Iris(the travel agent Alex’s driver) was there to welcome and escort us back to the cottage in Toyota travera. None of us expected a royal treatment like this (no doubt we all paid a lot for the trip), but, it was fun. There was no pain as we relaxed our butts in the cab with "TZP" running on the LCD in the cab. After the morning ablutions, Iris took us to the place we never imagined to be; “THE BOATHOUSE”. The scenic beauty of the place, the hill side view, the boat house, everything was out of the world. Our boat house named kingfisher arrived in no time. It was a luxurious mini titanic in itself with 2 rooms and attached bathroom, a hall, kitchen with a hall on the top. The boat was less a boat but more of an apartment. Our jaws touched grounds on seeing the wooden beauty. We hopped inn and took off for the journey of our lives, a full day & night hangout on water in Alleppy on a boat house. There were butterflies flying in our stomach. The idea of it just made us go gaga. We tugged our bags with last minute eatables and antiquity whisky with kingfisher beer in stock before risking at the thought of running-out and looking for a refill in the mid of the stagnant sea. Everything was loaded, the beer bottles enough to roll all over the entire boat and too many DVD’s in the case to carry out the night stand.
After a mild fresh up, we relaxed, enjoying the view and other boats floating nearby on the water and spoke about this experience. The first time joy of being in a boat house, the excitement of seeing something we always watched on idiot box, left us all ruffled. The whisky's effect was set-in and everyone enjoyed it with snacks. Afternoon in the boat house was more of a lovely evening one feels like spending with girl friend, only 2 of them on board with whisky glass in hand oozing cheers from the mouth and talking only romance. A perfect place for couples to be. But the saddest part of our story is--- [THERE WAS NO GIRL] :(:(:(. All of us gave a look of “what on earth you are doing on my boat???”, as if, the boat was booked only for each one of us along with our girl’s around. But all bachelors on board was fun too. After a heavy lunch, we relaxed on the roof and waved travelers on other boats. i imagined myself to be Jack Sparrow- the pirate, on a prowl to hunt some beauty on water. Guys, if u’ve been to south India and didn’t explored this amazing small house on water, then you really are missing something. The evening was spent drinking and taking snaps all around whatever we can catch hold in our cam’s eye. The sun never showed up throughout the day and it was turning out to be black in the evening. The lights were on. The view was awesome. If one had a top view look, the boat will appear as fireflies swimming in water. The light was glittering as the waves in the water shook the boats like a to-and-fro pendulum. The dinner was ready, Rock songs played on tube and heavy thundering around, it turned out a Kodak moment for all of us.
Man, Kerala’s food was amazing. After the dinner, we sat around with cool breeze flowing all over, droplets of rain in water and around the boat, beer’s in our hand, we loved every moment. The bantering went till 4 in the morning. Empty bottles were rolling on the floor and we woke up around 8 dawn and after the fresh up, took some more pics and headed for the point where we started our boat journey. Finally back, we missed the life on water like anything. We imagined if this would have been our permanent stay on boat, calm and serene life far off from a regular city’s hectic life. But, there’s an adage, “happiness is not forever”. We stepped out of the boat to the place where Iris was waiting for us to carry out our Friday’s exploration of the natural beauty. We knew there's lot more to come ahead, so we all drove into the car for our next station.
The first chapter, the first day of our expedition finally came to a close with the boat house journey. We guys were already in love with Kerala (God’s Own Country)...

Pics of the Kerala Trip


  1. mast beere ........ aisaa trip baar baar nahi aata ..

    let's plan one more trip that to rameshwaram ;) but this time with in budget ..

  2. Hahahaha..I agree with Vineet, planned a trip within budget. Rahul u rock man. While reading i felt that am visualizing the stuff. Greattttt

  3. @ vineet

    right bro...this was definitely a once ina lifetime trip......


    correct bhaiya...me 2 was visualizing the stuff, the experiences and thus made a note of everythin now in form of a blog......

    wait more chapters r abt to cum.....within this week.....

  4. hey dude,

    good to c ur blog sooo early.... really enjoyed reading each and every line in this... read it atleast 10 times,,,

    but u forgot to include few stuff like the problem which sanket told us dat night and the solution for that as given 2 us by our master mind JAGGU... and u didnt mention abt that cute, nice, good looking gal who was near our boat WHOLE NIGHT and all the things we discussed abt her... :-D :-D

    Waiting eagerly for next episode..

  5. u guys had real fun,
    regretting for y i missed all this fun,,

  6. no issues praby.....v can still make it for some other place in next month......definitely u r in for that one......


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