Friday, August 8

Dude!!! Where’s the mobile??

As usual a boring Friday evening, surfing 3 hours long on the laptop, decided to hit the recently opened gym in my society before the laptop runs out of fuel. I took vineet and sanket along for the company. The weather was unexpectedly cool and showed signs of showers. As usual, the gym thing was not much popular among the majority families and we found none walking or doing some aerobics in the house. I kept my mobile and wallet separate on the desk and decided to hit the treadmill for some 15-20 minutes jog. Sanket and vineet were busy with their shaping chest and cycling respectively. The music was on with "jaddon tak nachengi mein vaari jaava note tera jije da hai dil dariya saaliya" song being played on vineet's mobile. Guys, it's a Punjabi number. After 20 boring minutes, a hot babe entered the gym and found the treadmill occupied, so, she only did her weight check (which I expected was never needed) and left the room. We 3 guys were dumb stuck and our jaws had fallen on to the floor seeing that rare beauty. Vinnet gave me a half smile signaling a thakyou for bringing him to the gym. I imagined being so very unlucky to have not had any conversation with the lady before she leaves the room. Same was going in my buddy's mind too. And after 5 minutes it was as usual boring when she's left the room. this time vineet offered me a plastic smile signaling as if I was responsible for the boredom with an add-on of not anyone amongst us saying a "hi" to the lady. I ignored him and concentrated back on to my running. Gosh, the machine was beeping 23 minutes run. I was surprised. After 2 more minutes I stepped out from the treadmill and check for any calls on my mobile. As I reached the table, I was in a total shock seeing the scratches on my device and I knew it must be either of them to spoil it while I was running on the treadmill. The screen was even trashed when I opened the flap of my moto razr v3i. Seeing this I was completely heart broken but after a short investigation found that, that was not my mobile. I kept it on to the same desk and shouted towards Sanket, "Dude!!! Where’s the mobile???” Sanket busy in his push-ups prompted back, “Dude!!! It’s lying the same place you kept it last....” "Dude, it’s not there...” came the call from Vineet.”Dude, I guess the lady took yours and kept hers, the mobiles got exchanged Dude", sanket answered. "Damn", was my reaction. I ran out of the room to see if I can find her anywhere but in vain. I came back and decided to call at my number. "It's ringing...” I flabbergasted. First try, nobody picked up the call. Second try somebody hung up. I was in full position to blame Sanket and Vineet for not taking care of the thing. After few more minutes, I decided to make a last call at my number. Somebody picked up the call. Lucky me, it was the same lady who entered in the gym 15 minutes back. Before I uttered a word of "hello", a voice came from the other side, "look, it happened by mistake, am so sorry". "Wow", it was a sigh of relief for me coz I got my gadget back and plus a chance to speak to the lovely lady. It started raining in no time and I was all wet outside the gym. Softly I replied back to her, “its ok. (After a long pause, not because I was angry but I didn't had any words to say after listening to the voice) hey, that's my mobile I guess with you. It must have come by mistake. No issues at all, but can you please come down here in the gym so that we can exchange the mobiles again." She was apprehensive in coming out as it was raining heavy. I gave her the second option of telling me the flat number so that I can come to her doorstep if it's not possible for her to step out. She asked me to stand in the parking area of F block building. I asked my roomies to join me to the f building and to my surprise, they were expecting the same to come from my mouth. Nobody wanted to miss the chance of meeting her. While we made our way to the building, I remembered that the wallpaper on my mobile was of some model in, i said it to myself,"U blewed it dude!!!". I decided to not to go and asked sanket to take it on my behalf. But the 2 of them were smart enough to take out their mobiles and started talking on the deadlines with none on the phone. I was helpless. Blood rushed in the brain carrying all sorts of questions about what she must be thinking after seeing the pic on the wallpaper. I prayed to god for not letting her see my mobile's memory card (I hope guys understood why I prayed). She was standing in the parking area and saw me taking the lead amongst us 3 stooges. She raised her hand and gave me my mobile with a half smile and said sorry. Before I could say anything, she turned and started walking on the other side. Damn, she didn't even tell her name. We came back to the flat with both of them chiding me for my failure to ask the name. Anyway, it was a fun filled evening for 3 of us. I narrated the entire story to prabhjot and he jumped from his seat and asked me, "Dude!!! What was her name???”


  1. nketrajHahah,,, it was really a fun.. i '' remember each and every thing in this context.... now the thing whihc i want to know is " which is the most common model of Phone used by the girls...

    Sanket Rajawat

  2. sahi hai..

    koi bandi 6300 le ke aati hai gym to main bhi regular ho jaata hoon,,


  3. @ sanket
    yaa, it was fun there dude....

    @ praby
    lemme check if there's any1 with 6300 handset....i'll give a buzz to u if i saw

  4. Abbey yeah comedy hai ki tragedy? lagta hai tere liye tragedy aur hamare liye comedy.Mere saath bhi aise ghatnaye bahut ghati hai. Agli baar kisi maal ke saath agar taka bhedi toh kuch na kuch kar ke dikhana mere sher!!

  5. Rahul, i have few questions to ask,which i assume you wont deny me the answers to...

    1.Did u or did you not, go thro' the chick's phone contacts, or sms',or any pics...during the time you had the her fone.(be honest)

    2.Watcha got in your phone memory that u feared of being exposed.Kindly enlighten us, for the benefit of our dear readers? wont u?......hehe

  6. Certainly Kavitha....and the answers r:

    1. no, i dint check her all....except the hutch signal flashing on the main screen....i dint saw her pics or songs....just closed the mobile and thot of returnin it bak to her without undergoin any kind of postmortem......

    2. my card had almost all that stuff which censor board loves to censor.....hehe

  7. Hope you would go to gym regularly here after :) good luck to meet her again

  8. jump in Sooraj...and if u r in chennai...then don miss out the dimensions gym or the gym in tvh where i stay.....


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