Wednesday, July 9

When She’s Not Around

I met her in college,
knew she'll be the one.
she was the dearest friend I had,
every moment spent with her was fun.
now, when she's not around,
I remember every moment,
I cherish all the days gone,
the only thing I hate now,
is this feeling of being alone.
the college lanes, we walked holding hands,
and the labs we shared,
now when she's not around, I see,
the lane is there and the lab too,
but missing is the couple paired.
the chocolates, the ice creams we ate and the roses we exchanged.
the unending secrets we kept hidden from the world, as, it was only love that we cared.
now, when she's not around,
the secrets are gone and the roses are dire dead,
with the one-sided love feeling left all over,
I recall the past instead of looking ahead.

the rides on the bike we had,
the rains we danced,
the furtive late night conversations on phone,
now has become a thing of past.
she's forgotten the days I held her face in my hands,
I promised her I’ll be like this till my life ends.
now, when she's not around,
she's forgotten the love I had for her,
the only thing she remembers now is...that “I was just a friend”.
I miss the lovely eyes she had and miss her glowing face.
now, when she's not around,
the void of her absence, is the only thing I brace.


  1. awesome poem rahul!!!hats off to you :)

  2. excellent blog rahul ....

    iss mai bahut kuch likha haiii

    dil chuu liya yaar

    that's truth
    ye duniya ka dastoor hai

  3. @ranjini
    thanks yaar.....

    @ vineet
    thnx bro....i knew u will like it coz u and me hav gone thru th same phase....

  4. Nice poem....Rahul.
    keep it up

  5. really really touched.. poem is too good..Your writing is goin better day by day.. ;)

  6. awesome poem rahul...really felt the chord getting touched...
    U did hit the most innerself of sny soul...bohut dard bhara hai iss poem mein...

  7. As i already told u this is a gr8 poem rahul. We being software engineers are supposed to become creativly dumb and artistically void over a period of time. But congrats man you haven't lost it yet. This poem is a proof that ur artistic soul hasn't been ripped off, not yet. Keeping going my dear. Make all of us proud. I love ur poem.

  8. reminds me of my gal friend!! I never had. :(

  9. u remember of ur girl friend@ zabi....
    even i was wanderin how cum u remember abt ur girl friend when u never had thanx for the comment again.....and for the compliment too......but to tell ya very frankly....i guess ive lost everythin bein in this IT life past 2 GF, my creativity and my brain....that's y i come out nowadaz with these wiered articles and poems.....hehe

  10. hi rahul,
    rashmi here nice poem u r written

  11. @ rash...
    thanks for the comment yaar :-)


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