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Hp Pavilion dv2713TU Review

What more to expect on your birthday when you know the gift you are about to receive is nothing less then a laptop. I was on a cloud nine after this news broke out. But the irony was, none other but me, myself, was planning to buy the machine as a surprise bday gift from quite a while. Not a bad idea, off course.
Anyways, I finally bought this HP pavilion dv 2713TU machine. Here I blog today, almost after a month, to take the readers through a quick review on the good/bad things about my machine.
I find people do a lot of research on net before making the final deal coz I did the same too, so, I thought of penning my views about this product before anyone plans to buy this notebook. Don’t take me wrong guys, nothing to demoralize all those who have fallen for this machine…but want you to go through this till the final word of this post is read and then decide. Well, everything on this page is written out of experience, so I hope, this information comes out handy for all. And, one more thing, all thoughts and reflections are welcome. All will be answered unbiased.
First query that comes in mind while planning to buy the notebook is: Should be a good brand, must have a fancy look, configuration should be all time best with enhanced features and should be available in the cheapest of price tags.
I purchased HP Pavilion dv 2713TU laptop from a dealer in Chennai. Guyz, this machine cost me 43k (approx. 1000$) with 160 GB HDD, 2 GB RAM, 14.1” screen and 1.73 GHz processor. I’ll put the pros and cons of this laptop through this post.

Pros: The best about this machine besides the ever-wanted configuration is:

· It has finger reader device on it (to beat lenovo’s face reader technology) and comes with Vista installed on it, giving the owner/administrator the full control of the machine.
· The fancy vista features are all loaded on this machine.
· Has a dual core processor – amongst the best you can expect on any machine. Can even try for core 2 duo processor…as it’ll be an added advantage with 1.83 GHz processor and is available in market too.
· A lot many accessories that come along with this model which includes a mouse, 2GB pen drive, ear phones and now HP laser inkjet printer available on the same model.
· Zero noise.
· It comes in shiny black color.

. And has Bluetooth, Webcam, WiFi on it.

Cons: These are some of the problems that I faced in my machine. Hope you don’t go through the same hurdles.

· Because of the finger reader device on this machine, you cannot put any other OS on this machine except Vista (which comes preloaded on the machine). For e.g.: you cannot load Xp on this machine. To load a new OS first you need to have a finger reader drive which will disable the finger reader option on the machine and then only the Vista can be replaced with a new OS.
I enquired about this finger reader drive from the HP customer care, Chennai and they asked me to enquire about the same from the dealer. (Friends, HP customer care is very rude most of the time and does not give a good service at all). I went to the dealer and they asked me to take the problem with the head office in Delhi. I still think I made a big mistake buying this finger reader machine on which I can’t even load an OS of my choice. Anyways, can’t even part from it now and have to work on Vista only.
· The battery backup of this machine is not good. Once charged completely, the battery does not lasts for more then 2.5 hours.
· Customer care or the dealer does not give the machine specific drivers’ and all drivers are not present on internet too.

· And, the keypad is not too user friendly.
These are some of the problems which I deal daily with my machine. I hope next time you go the dealer to buy the same product, please make sure that you get answered to all the problems I faced from my machine. I hope this post has come as a caution for you all.

Here am providing you the links from where all the drivers of Hp Pavilion dv2713 TU can be downloaded:

Windows Vista
Windows Vista (64 bit)
Windows Vista SP1
For installing the SATA driver refer : hp
All thoughts and reflections are welcome.


  1. hey... i was interested in buyin dis model... do u think its value for money?? dont need it for business purposes.. m a coll student... budgets ard 40-50k... i wuz deciding b/w sony vaio n dis model of HP... do lemme noe..

  2. hey Sophie....
    personally i would suggest you..not to go for this perticular it has fancy looks but with cheap or strange configuration.....better go for sony vaio CR it'll be in ur budget too......or go for Dell 1520....a cool xps machine to check take is on the dell machine......

    i hope u go thru a lot of research before buyin any model.....


  3. hi buddy...i have bought this machine...i m facing the same problems as u r...hey yar,there is an option of disabling finger reader in device manage...can i install xp by disabling finger reader there...yar actually machine is good but the operating system is some help.

  4. hi hemant...
    now finally uve bought this's good th only problem is with that of th finger reader enquired abt it a lot and came to know that if u want to disable this thing then u need to chang some settings in regedit in run option.....which i found too complex to i left it....i may be wrong but i guess there's no other way to do it other then changin settings of regedit files.....u try if sum alternative is there.......

  5. or hemant as posted......enquire abt th same in hp's head office in delhi

  6. hey thank u yar for replying...

  7. Hi Rahul, Do you have the mail the HP support sent your regarding Regedit ? I have this laptop too . I would love to install Linux on this one. Maybe i can help u in doing the regedit thing. Its very simple. If you can share the mail with me, I can convert the instructions in the mail into a .Reg file and you have to double click on it to update your registry.

  8. hey bhagyesh...
    i did a lot of reading on the net and found out on some links options to disable the thing thru regedit, but was confused completely. now yaar i don have those links abt the regedit thing but later i spoke to the hp CC...and a lady responded to my query with an option of downlaoding the SATA driver for my machine, putting it in a pen drive and rebooting the system from the pen drive to disable the finger reader thing...i hope u r getting it..if not, do 1 thing, go to the hp official site...and chat with customer care there online....they will tel u the soln. to this problem...

    sorry yaar, this is the only i can do presntly....but will again search for th links where i found the regedit option...okie...and will cum bak to u...

  9. bhagyesh am forwarding u the link from here u ca download the SATA driver for this machine...

  10. hey rahul,
    its hemant singla here again.
    yar u saw ur reply.i hav downloaded the sata driver.would u please tell me wat should i do next after downloading it.n will drivers for vista work with xp.

  11. i k jagah u dal mistake sorry!!!ha ha

  12. hemant...hp customer care said ki u need to load the sata driver in a pen drive and reboot the system from the pen drive by doing some setting changes in the configurations...during startup...then once u restart it with the pen drive....the sata driver will disable th finger reader option and then insert th xp cd to load the new OS once the finger reader gets disabled....

    buddy, go to the hp site...and connect to th online ustomer care there....they gonna definitely help u out on this....

  13. hey hemant u tried that way of loading th driver in th pen drive and rebooting th system from it....did it work....

    or any other alternative option u tried......

  14. After a couple of laptops, I have now standardized on Toshiba. I have tried two Toshiba laptops and both are very good. I hated the Compaq machine which I had earlier, the most. The battery was non-existent, mouse pad awry, gets heated up for the silliest of jobs, and what not! The only plus point was the on-board speakers (from Alltec lansing) but I listen to audio through the headphones mostly!

    Destination Infinity

  15. Nice Blog ,Thanks for Sharing the information.Customer Satisfaction is very important to grow up the business.


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