Thursday, May 8

We Dutched That Night..

It was the usual weekend we IT guys will have in our lives. Saturday was soon to be replaced with Sunday’s dawn. My room mates planned to spend the Saturday night in Velacherry where most of out batch-mates were residing. Well, it was more of frequent Saturday night carnivals for us to night-out at friend’s place and enjoy, gulping all the office and carrier worries down the throat by diluting it in whisky, beer etc. it was evening’s 8pm (no guys not talking about the brand ‘8PM’ but the time) and the party was already set in Velacherry. In this blog, I present to you some of the very generic excerpts that took the limelight always amongst me, saugata, sujeet, prabhjot, anshul, sanket, shailender, abhishek, muktesh and vipin. I hope I’ve not missed any of the names. Sorry if I did, guys, you know sometimes it becomes difficult for one to really come out of the eternal(no ridicule please) hangover set-in in those not-so-freaky abandoned mansions wherein mostly we remember more about our drinks and mushy chicken pieces but occasionally about the members present. This blog is not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings, so people sticking their eyes on it must not go into the deeper meaning of the excerpts and just let-it-go-off and enjoy the fun-doze. “Resemblance to all characters is purely coincidental and not fictitious”. Vipin, my room mate turns into a veteran actor, once he’s on a full throttle after gulping the entire bottle of whisky. He can act like anybody and lift-up the entire house with loads of laughter. But tonight I try to put in some of the all time hit dialogues of my very dear friends which have become a trademark for their characters. For a fellow blogger reading this article, might some of the quotes sound Latin or Greek, but sorry mate, full apologies for it, I hope you also have a nice time reading it. Some of the lines might be in Hindi, so I hope guys won’t face much problems going through it. Well, I’ve already come a long way boring you with the plot. Let’s hit the show.
As I’ve already mentioned it was Saturday’s 8pm and the house roaring in with all kinds of beasty noises from the characters mentioned above, guys freaking out with their handfuls with a leg piece and the mug of Budweiser or glass of royal challenge in the other one. TV was played but with least attention. It was a crazy moment as everyone discussed about what all is happening in the personal lives and how things are working for each one of them. Alcohol was gushing out of the bottles like water and diving into the thirsty mouths. And this is how the conversation finally went:
Saugata (best about this guy is, if he gets into anything he’ll dig it deep to the core, no matter whether it’s girls, maths, movies or writing stories (no derision bro)…but truly, I love this guys creative thinking and witty answers and sometimes when he’s dumb struck without clue on how to go about things.): "bhai, tujhe pata, kal CTK mein punjaban ko dekha, kya gazab lag rahi thi. Just imagine. Punjab mein toh ladkiyan mast hoti hongi. Just imagine".
Sujeet: "bhai (guys mostly call close friends as bhai here), maine kuch nahi kiya, mein toh vahan par tha bhi nahi".
** what place this guy is talking about, actually nobody knows of. One wonders if it’s the 2 peg whisky’s effect on him or is it because of his Bengali cum Bangladeshi network’s effect on him.
Suddenly vipin sir will jump in:
Vipin(his motto in life is "eat cricket, sleep cricket, drink only vodka, gin, tequila, wine, beer and desi tharra....sorry noplace for coca cola"): 3 times, "malooom, malooom, malooom…….. "(He gives a pause and by the time he’s about to say something, someone else takes the center of attraction).
** what vipin wanted to tell others nobody knew.
He sips his glass 3 times but without any alcohol actually touching even his lips and blows off the cigarette 3 times not knowing the fact that the stub is already blown out in the first go.
Anshul (our satyam idol finalist with good singing skills. Comes in singing a song from the movie race. I guess the singing had a lot of hard effect on him with the alcohol by his side): “oh jaaneja dono jahan meri baahon mein aa, aa janeja”.
And then once again silent prevails. Suddenly prabhjot has something to say.
Prabhjot (best thing about him is he’ll laugh on all the pjs that he himself crack. Ya you gussed it right, its pj time):
Here it goes…….

Boy prapoz to a gal....
Boy: i love u,, will u marry me??Gal: kya?
Boy: will u marry me?
Gal: sakkal dekhy hai apany? isasse achha hai ki suicide kar loon,par tujse saadi nahi karungy..
Boy: marr jayegy par kissy gareeb ke kaam nahi ayegy....

The house bursts out into laughter once again. But suddenly vipin sir, out of the blue moon:
Vipin: ab chod do, jaane do. Kya karoge jaankar.
People wandering is he saying this for praby’s joke or some other reaction is happening in his mind. Next was my turn to speak.
Me (speaking something which sounded greek not only for the listener but even to myself, like some heavenly constellations colliding to burst out something new and funny, but all in vain. Am a movie buff and rock listener): bhai saugata, have you seen the flick pulp fiction, bhai you’ll go crazy after watching it. Man, Travolta has done it once again.
Saugata: "sahi bata, nahi bhai dekha nahi. But will watch it now. Bhai tu great hai. Just imagine".
Muktesh: "chakko beere chakko glass"(enjoying the drink more then the gossiping).
Vipin: "ab chod do, jaane do. Kya karoge".
Vipin does it again. But this time, he lighted the matchstick 3 times to burn the cigarette…ON OFF ON OFF and finally ON, not knowing that it’s still in OFF mode.
Vivek (it’s difficult to stop this guy once he’s on after a drink or two): yaar, what you say, is this correct to celebrate the labor’s day. We will not take the leave that day and better go to office.
So he’s come up with an off beat topic. But sadly, no audience to speak or listen to it.
Anshul: “tadap tadap ke is dil se aah nikalti rahi……..
Sanket: "haan, yaar dekhlo mera toh veg khaane ke saath ho jayega. Sab theek hai na".
One must listen to this guy when he speaks on phone….too hilarious. No offense dude.
Sharma (A.K.A abhishek): "dekh lau, kya re, aur kaisa hai re. aur bata kya chal raha hai".
Vipin: "maloooom????? Ab jaaane do. Chod re".

And this how the entire night is spent without actually coming to a constructive conclusion to the n number of strings actually started with the S-day’s dusk falling inn.
I hope nobody will have any grudges for me after reading this post.
Take care guys and god bless you all.


  1. Really liked the post...
    I could see myself smiling with strokes of laughter now and then with conversation musings at different spans!!! Great work Rahul..Yuo've put reality in a lot humourous manner...simply AWESOME!!!
    Keep posting these mischievious musings more n more...

  2. gr8..
    culd have hosted d episode on youtube videos ;)..dikking ;))
    Fantasy (Tiwari's) turned reality the show (:()) still giggles, ll never forget n regret :)))
    Tiwari : One more time ;) (||)
    No luck!!!!
    Keep it up dude!!!

  3. Thanx Muttu, Raghav....
    Muktesh ur actions that day made me write this that i can cherish it forever...and will never forget 1...thanx yaar...u rocked that day...(as alwayz)

  4. really awesome dude!!!

    dont know much abt many of these guys... but was able to get gist of all the things whatever u wrote as almost all these things u have already told during that vellore trip... that time i thot u were exagerating things and these people wont do like that,,, but after reading this blog of urs, m sure ur frnd circle is exactly like u... FUNDUUUUUUUUUUU.....

    keep rocking and keep spreading smiles... :-)


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