Friday, May 30

Gone In 60 Seconds

Man, it was Friday again, a day one waits since eons, one day in life of a techie to feel free from the entire official work, and sit and relax when you know the next two days will act as a facelift for you with no work pressure and no going back to the haunting IT mansions where one acts as a zombie banging heads in its artificial counterparts. I wonder why people call it as a freaky Friday, well, you ask an IT employee for whom rest all the other weekdays are much more freakier, torturous and darkest unending, undying nightmares. Friday at my place would generally mean a day to celebrate freedom, a day to booze with friends and a day to be nocturnal creatures partying all night to enjoy the next dawn’s sleep as divine as mortal grave.
As soon as I left from my workstation, it was already past 7’s dusk, I decided to give a pleasant visit to an old friend whom I was longing to meet for a while. Nothing can be more special then spending the Friday’s carnival night with a close friend and interact about your world to his’. On my way to his residence, I knew I would encounter many traffic signals. One of them was the cenotaph road’s signal which turned shining red ball on my way and in less then half kilometer's vicinity from the crossover, I bang-ed my foot on to the brakes of the bike. The engine almost went dead as the bike cruised from 75 to 0 in a split second and I was flabbergasting as insufficient air was pumped in my heart because of the furious nitro run that I was otherwise enjoying before barging onto the signal. The countdown began on the timer just next to the red light blinking 60, 59, 58, 57…….I decided to send a sms to the friend, while the light was shining dark red; saying that I’ll be at his place in less then half hour. So I had less then 60 seconds to bring my bike to neutral, take out the mobile and type a sms and send it across him. I still remembered, I was the fastest typist on any mobile during college times. Nokia, Sony or any mobile, I’ll not even see on the screen and in no time the message would be typed and sent. Wonder, if I would have taken up a job of taking dictation on mobile instead of the crawling life of IT. During our exam times, my gang in college will sms the answers to all objective questions to our mates within seconds. But, now it’s been more then two years since I left or rarely smsed to any of my friends, so, it was oblivious for me to vaguely remember the art of writing a mobile message. And that too, I had Motorola handset on which writing a message was quite an occasional task for me. The time on the signal was ticking...40, 39, 38…. The blood was rushing in veins and petrol in the engine of the bike, I immediately brought the bike to neutral and turned it off, took out the mobile and started typing. I knew I had to spare 10-15 seconds after sending the message to switch on the ignition and run. While I was typing the message, I could feel the rush hour of vehicles behind me waiting to bombard me with their annoying horns in no time. I fumbled a bit while searching for my friend’s name in the list, but, made it in few seconds. I thought if giving it a last read to the message before banging on the send option. The message read, “hey sumit, how r u doin, look, am on my way 2 ur place, wil be ther in 15 mins”. I finally clicked the send button and placed it back in my pocket. Then, I looked at the timer; it was still showing like 18 seconds to wait. Damn, I still not lost the touch of typing on a mobile. I felt victory but there was no competition or will call it as a race against time. I enjoyed that minute’s race. I turned the keys and drove off to my friend’s place once again at my bike’s top speed. I wonder as if... it was... desi version of the hit Hollywood buff, “gone in 60 seconds” in the making.


  1. Interesting, how bikers challenge themselves, against their own record timings on things beyond comprehension for naive humans...muahahaaa....

    I used to challenge myself, like drving thro all traffic signals irrespective of red or green on my way to work.....risky affair chased by the cops once...hehe...wat the heck!!!!..kudos to the bikers who dare!!!!

  2. Great description Rahul..It was indeed something one could have felt imagining to be in the same situation...ofcourse one has to be a good sms writer...but yes, the playing against time is always a GAME one could hope for...

  3. After reading this I believe if you can describe your 60 seconds in 1 full page gripping article , what if you are asked to describe a chapter/1 year/1 phase of your life.

    I have read lot of your blogs, and I truly believe you are a very good writer who writes simple(vocab), connecting (because its simple) yet most of your blogs send across a message. You do have that knack of words that keep the reader so engrossed and absorbed that they are compelled to finish off the article and once finished, they simply wait for the next article with yet another latent message.
    Last not the least, do consider writing a book sometime, I truly feel you can be an amazing writer.


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