Thursday, May 8


No guys, this post is not about the movie “black” where the entire set was colored blue but is more about the color black, the enigma; the power it carries with it and also the hidden mysteries associated with it. Ever wondered why is black always linked to evilness?, why Batman or Undertaker dress-up in black to fight against black? (quite an irony), why it’s threads are spread out to the urban legends or the vicious vamps? Or why is it hailed as the unquestioned color of negativity and darkness????
Picture this, you are sleeping in your room at 2 mid-night when complete darkness prevails around you that makes oneself invisible. And suddenly, you hear the opening of the door of your room but you are not able to figure out the person standing there coz of darkness. You respond back in apprehension, “who’s it??” but no reply comes from the other end. Your all Robert Langdon kinda sleuthing efforts go in vain. You try to look for the nearby switch to light the room when suddenly a vague sharp reflection is carved on your face and you figure it out as the reflection of a street light beaming on to the sharp knife in the stranger’s hand at the doorstep. Now, adrenaline is looking for newer nerves as the rush flows inn and sweat trickles down your forehead to the neck and you look for covers. And the panic sets in. the only question that strikes your mind is, “Oh god, who’s this guy? Why he wants to kill me and why is it too dark in here????? Please send someone for help”. Don worry guys, just a thought but see the power of black. It can make you cry which can be more painful then a real sudden death.
All those who perform black magic or tantra vidya via witch board’s (calling the dead from their epitaph) are infected by the realms of black. Imagine how will the world look without the color black. There’ll be no night as the day will never come to an end. No stars or moon will be visible and we humans will never sleep.
Close your eyes for a spilt second and tell me the first color you perceive. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s black. This is the power it has. You cannot escape from it. It’s omnipresent. So, if it is universal, is it really the color of nefariousness??? Or is just the human conception to mislead the society with wrong interpretations of the balefulness of the negativity it permeates??? These are some of the questions that still demands some answers. Our shadow is never red or green or yellow but always black.
I sometimes, imagine, why so many aficionados of music compile songs or their band names on the theme of black? You name it, black Sabbath, iron maiden’s few compositions like fear of the dark, hallowed be thy name, etc, are all propagating negative vibes associated with darkness.
But, it’s black that gives rise to white too. White is no white without separating itself from black. Diamond is formed out of coal which is black. It is, I would say, one color that balances the nature and life and death. Picture a chess board without black boxes.
Black and white are inseparable. So, in the absence of black there is no white even. Take anything, black money/white money, chess board or B&W movies. Still a question haunts in my mind as to why people indulge themselves into acts of racial discrimination inspite of the fact that white exist only coz of existence of black.

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