Friday, May 9

The Wonder Years Of Bicycling

Right from the day we stepped in this world, expropriating through the perambulatory days and marking the end of the teenage period, to finally kickoff the genesis of adulthood; life was fun for all of us as we did things to our own whims and fancies with least apprehensions, and if any there were, was taken care by our parents. I remember those non-confabulatory golden school days when we were young and vibrant and never cared for anything more then our own imaginary world of bright colors, friends, happiness and love & care all around. Those days, I remember, when my parents gifted me my first bicycle, the fond memory of it stumbled in front of me, tinkering a smile on my cheek. The happiness I had for having something very precious and dear to me, my bicycle, made me feel like as if I was on the cloud nine. The possessive nature and thinking n times before giving it to my siblings and friends added more precariousness within me. All of my friends would gather at some place and descant about the trendy bikes each one of us possessed and try to outshine the other. We would conduct bike races (thankfully inspired from the videogames we played) and expeditions of riding through not worthy roads to show the macho nature of our bikes. I remember one of my friend had gears on his bike which made us carp him and envy him throughout. Gals had their own ladybirds whereas guys would look for some heavy duty, Hercules bikes which gave a cool dude looks. School used to threaten in those days but the pleasure of riding on our machines and the charm of show-off to our school mates at off hours did a kind of remunerative job for us. Life as well as the royal road was as creamy and smooth as ice-cream when we hopped on our steely machines. The irk to make projectiles of water while trespassing the water filled puddles, thanks to the rainy season, drenched the fellow riders completely. The tube tyres added wings to our road flights. I miss the wonder years and becomes nostalgic sometimes when I remember about my first love and the fun I had over it during my childhood. A jiffy remembrance when it’s picture flickers in front of me today, made me pen it down in my blog. I miss it wholeheartedly, esp. the ride over it which I guess will now truly be recapitulated when my baby will ask for his first bike.


  1. you said it man! i miss those cycling years! if i still had a cylce i would be lot thinner! man, those were the good times. and chandigarh was a small place. any place was never too far on cycle!
    u make me nostalgic!

  2. and vineet...bro....
    u remember those days......when raghav and me used to come at ur place on bicycles.......and v'll go out to the market on our bikes and ejoii the u wold tell us that u use to earn part time by offering service on miss those daz.......

  3. finally,
    3 posts, after a month's break!!!!!
    welcome back.

  4. bringing back the Nostalgia!!


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